Monday, December 7, 2015

Chantzlyn is 2 Months Old

I find it absolutely CRAZY that I am writing about my baby already being two months old!  Where, oh where did the time go?!  I feel like she should only be two weeks old, not two months!  My sweet little thing is still so tiny and newborn-ish that I really can't believe she is this old yet. I'm having a hard time believing it.... I just keep checking the calendar. Ha!

Sweet baby angel of mine....

- You haven't quite settled into a sleep pattern yet.  We are still working on getting you to the point that you can sleep through the night.  I think so much of it is us and not you.  I'm having a hard time getting you on a schedule throughout the day because your big sisters are so busy it's hard to get you into a rhythm.  You on the other hand don't notice at all... you are so laid back and go with the flow.  It's like you know you are the fourth and just completely content with doing whatever is going on.  You have had three nights this month where you slept for 7 glorious hours!  Those were precious nights, but they were random and haven't lasted.  This week I've noticed that after I try to feed you one last feeding before bed, I'll lay you down, and no matter what the time you are ready to eat again in about 30- 40 minutes.  This was making it very hard on me.  I would get in bed and just barely drift off to sleep only to wake and feed you again in such a short time.  Well, now I have decided to feed you, lay you down, and then get myself ready for bed & drink LOTS of water to get ready for your next feeding.  You are like clock work... you want that next feeding 30- 40 minutes later and then you crash and then I go to bed.  It makes it easier versus barely falling asleep and then getting up.  You will then sleep for about 4 hours give or take and then I'm up with you again to feed and then you will sleep another 3 to 4 hours and then you are ready to eat & the rest of us are already up and at 'em.  I'm hoping this next month we can settle into a little better sleep pattern.  But for now I'm just trying to get you what you need.
- I find this interesting.... you haven't had a bottle yet.  With your sisters I had already pumped and let the bigger sisters have a turn feeding, but I haven't pumped a bottle yet for you. I really hate pumping, and haven't seen a need for it yet & I'm enjoying our bonding time.  Maybe soon I will pump a bottle to give your big sisters a chance to feed you.
- Speaking of eating, you eat pretty much about every three hours except for at night which I already discussed.
- You are still so small.  We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out how much you weigh, but I'm guessing about 9 pounds.  So, you are still fitting in your newborn clothes.  There are a few 0-3 month things I've tried to put you in, but they are still big on you.  I'm thinking sometime over the next week or two you may be moving into 0-3 month stuff.  Newborn stuff used to be big and now it's fitting just right, which means 0-3 month stuff will be on you soon.
- You have moved into size 1 diapers but it's not because newborns won't fit it's just because we ran out of newborn sized diapers and had several size one's on hand so we just started using those.  They fit fine, but you can tell they are a bit on the bigger side as opposed to the smaller size.
- You have started smiling so much more this month.  And I don't feel it's as random.  I feel like you look and smile at me or at your sisters and take notice in what's going on around you. I mean I really can't even begin to explain how much I love seeing you smile! It really is the best thing ever!
-This month you have found you little voice.  It's so sweet.  At different times you'll coo or make little noises and I LOVE it! I like when you open your mouth and go, 'OHHH." It's the sweetest ever. You have only done it a few times but it is precious.
- We can still wake you up easily by slowly raising you up in the air and then slowly bringing you back down.  You never fuss about it, just open up your eyes to see what's going on.  It's awesome!
- You have really started to enjoy being held over the shoulder.  When you are fussy I can pick you  up and put you over my should and walk around and most of the time that calms you immediately.  It's like you know you want to check out the world around you.
- You have started to have a little tummy time this month and you are not sure what to think about it. I think you find the position comfortable because it almost seems to want to put you to sleep.
- I have put you on your play mat this month so that you can look around at all the colors and lights and toys, but again most of the time you seem disinterested and like it makes you sleepy. Sometimes though you will perk up and try to look around at what is going on. :)
-You  seem to be the most alert in the afternoons and evenings.  You love it when I hold you and look at you and sing to you.  You just study me and give me random smiles and it's so awesome!
- Sometimes you really like to put weight down on your feet and "stand" on my lap when I hold you up.  It's like you know something is going on, but you can't quite figure it out.
- We had to take you into Children's last week because your temperature got a little high.  We have all been battling sickness and I had just been praying that you wouldn't get it.  Well you were doing so good not getting sick, but it finally got you. Boo!  You got a cough and then started running a temperature.  It was after hours and so I couldn't take you to the doctor but the nurse line suggested I take you to Children's since your temperature had hit 100.6. Apparently in a newborn under two months if it gets at or above 100.4 then it's reason for concern.  I took you into Children's and after an x-ray, blood work, and urine sample they decided you were okay and it was just a virus and to just let it run its course but to watch it.  You temperature went away, but your cough is still hanging around just a bit.  It's not bad, but it's there.  We go in for your well check tomorrow, so I'm sure the doctor will listen to your cough again for us.
- You are not a spit up baby at all.  I love that it is completely rare for you to spit up.  It typically doesn't even matter if we get a burp or not from you.  You are just so easy and laid back.
- We also got to have a "Sip and See" for you.  Some of my sweet friends from church hosted a little get together to welcome you.  It was so sweet!  Lots of friends and family came by to see you and say hi and even bring some sweet little gifts.  It was so much fun!
- This past month we finally transitioned you out of our room and into the crib in your room with your sisters.  It was over the week of Thanksgiving and Kennedie decided to have a 'sleepover' in your room with all the girls.  She had a palate on the floor, and you and Preslee & Sawyer were each in your beds.  After I laid you down I stopped and looked at my room of little blessings.  I started to cry and my heart ached with love.  It made me so happy to have all four of my babies in the same room.  I just envisioned many more "sleepovers" in the future with little giggles and fun sister love.  I really can't explain the joy that moment brought me-- it's one I hope to never forget.

My sweet, sweet Chantzlyn Hope I feel so incredibly blessed that God chose me to be your Mommy.  You are the sweetest, most precious little baby ever and I love that I get to snuggle you and love you. You are getting so big so fast and I'm just not sure I can handle how quickly it's all going.  Most days I want to just bottle you up so I can keep you my baby forever, but then it's so fun to watch you hit new milestones. You are such a good little baby and it's so fun to be with you.  You are a true joy to my life and I can't imagine life without you.  You are definitely a little gem-- one whom I like to hold an admire, and drool over.  You are beautiful and precious and I'm so thankful that you are ours. I love you more than words could ever express to you. 

I love this next set of pictures.  My mom made the white dress especially for Miss Chantzlyn, and the smiles of course is what steals the show:

**And don't you worry all you fabulous blog followers out there, the goods are coming soon!  Chantzlyn's birth story, newborn pictures, and first week are in the works soon!  Being a photographer this is my busiest season and also had to wait for a few legal things before plastering stuff out there. **

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  1. Just love reading your posts. They are so sweet and personal. May God bless you and Lantz and those four girls many more happy healthy years as they grow and life changes. Y'all are great parents. Love yall