Friday, October 23, 2015

Preslee is 18 Months Old

My baby doesn't quit seem like a baby anymore!  Where did my itty-bitty go, & where did this sweet little toddler come from?! Since bringing Chantzlyn home, it's amazing how big Preslee seems, but then in so many moments in my day I'm reminded that she is still a baby too. Sweet girl is getting so big!  18 months seems like such a big milestone and I feel like I blinked and we are here! So much has happened over the last month with this sweet one of mine.

Preslee Ray:

- You became a BIG sister!  You have handled it as well as possible.  You love Chantzlyn SOOOO much and you are SOOOOO sweet with her, but I can tell it has been a hard adjustment for you.  Your tantrums have increased and all day you walk around following me saying, "Hole Me." {"Hold Me."} I try to pick you up every time you ask, and give you lots of extra loving, but I know how hard this has been for you.  You are however so precious with your baby sister and you smile and kiss her so often and your face lights up when you get to hold her (with Mommy's help) or if she's awake looking at you.
- In light of becoming a big sister, you also got a new rear-facing carseat!  You love it, and it appears to be the best seat in the car! You look so big in it and it looks so much comfier than all the other seats.
- You also got to transition into a big girl bed!!  Yah!  We did this transition before baby sister got here so it didn't look like she was rooting you out of your crib.  I can't tell you how much you LOVE your big girl bed!  The first day you slept in it you thought you were just living the high life.  The smiles were priceless!  Actually, everyone changed beds... Kennedie went to the toy room bed, Sawyer went to Kennedie's bed, and you went to Sawyer's bed.  It was like musical beds at our house, but you handled it like a champ!  You have only gotten out of bed a few times, but you quickly learned that you don't get out unless Mommy & Daddy come get you.
- You are fearless!  You love to play outside with your sisters and if we turn our backs for two seconds you will climb right up the play house ladder all by yourself!  It scares me so much.  I like to stay close, but you'd rather play with out Mommy.
- You are starting to show lots of interest in the potty.  Lots of times you will tell me, "Potty" when you have already pooped in your diaper.  I am sensing potty training in the future for you.
- You have started the weaning process, and pretty much are weaned.  I wasn't expecting to cut you cold turkey, but it's almost what happened.  I was at the hospital for three full days with Chantzlyn and so you were not around.  I breastfed you once in those three days, but you really did fine and didn't ask for milk at all.  Since we've been home you have asked a few times and I've fed you a couple of times, but really you are only interested if there is a perfect storm which consists of  me feeding Chantzlyn, you being tired, and you being hungry.  If I can avoid those three things all together then you are totally fine without milk.
- You have had to sit on your bed as "time- out" a couple of different times this week. This is much more of a punishment for you then spanking your hiney.  All I have to do the past two days is threaten you having to sit on your bed and you straighten up your behavior.
- You have really had a hard time eating the past few weeks. You have only been wanting to each carbs or sweets.  You tend to throw a fit if we tell you to eat your vegetables, fruits, or protein.  You will scream and cry and ask for more of the "carb" that was on your plate.  We have been asking you to eat other things on your plate before we give you more carbs or before you can get a sweet.  You have figured out that we won't give you more and you are starting to get hungry.  The past few days you have started eating all on your plate because you realize that's how to get more of what you want and it keeps your belly full. :)
- You are starting to express yourself with words more each day.  I love how you ask me to, "Hole Me," {hold me}, and how you say, "Em Me" {Get Me}, and when I ask you a question everything is, "Noooo" in like the sweetest voice ever, and how when I ask you to say "Yes Ma'am," it's more , "Ma'a."
- You are currently wearing size 18 month clothes and size 6 shoes.
- You are napping once a day about 2 hours.  Sometimes you will take two shorter naps though. But mostly you just want to keep up with your sisters.
- You have lately been hating taking pictures.  You tend to fuss and get upset when I bring out my camera and you tend to throw a big fit if I have you try to smile. Occasionally you'll look at me and say, "Cheeeeeeese." It's sweet in the moment!

Sweet baby girl of mine... I love you so much. I know right now you are having a hard time finding your place now that your baby sister is here.  Just know that no matter what my love for you is always present, and never waning.  You are still my ray of sunshine and my heart melts when I see your precious smile.  You are energetic and outgoing and I love to see you be you.  Precious Preslee babe you have my heart in so many ways and I love you more than you'll ever know. 

In your new big girl bed, happy as a lark:

You are such a sweet big sister, and you love to point to your baby's "nose:"

No smiles for the camera here:

Love this one of my girl in an outfit that Bee made for your Aunt Feather when she was little over 20 years ago:

So serious:

My happy girl:

I know the next one is blurry, but you can see how blonde she really is after summer:

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