Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sawyer's Sayings

There are a few sweet things that Sawyer has said lately and I don't want to forget them.

This summer at VBS they sang, "Roll the Gospel Chariot Along."  Sawyer interpreted it as, "Roll the "Dod" chariot along..." {Her "Dod" was "God."}  It is so sweet to hear her singing it.  And hey, "Gospel" and "Do" (God) can easily be interchanged in that song. :)

She also came home "Cast your burdens unto Jesus" and she'll just sing that part of the song over and over again... omitting every other part to the song.  Love that these are the things that get "stuck" in her head.

When Sawyer has blood on her she will say something like, "I have bleed on my leg."  It's always "bleed," never "blood." It's one of those things that just sound so sweet and innocent.

The past month whenever we get a babysitter, she will ask, "Who is Bible-studying us?"  Instead of "babysitting us" it's always, "Bible-studying us." Or, "Is Bee Bible-studying us?"  I love that she thinks her babysitters are Bible-studiers. Ha! To her credit they do sound similar.

She calls the hand sanitizer: "hanasizer."  It's like it's all one big word.

She also will let us know when someone needs "pry-sa-vee" {privacy}.  Its super sweet when she lets us know she needs "pry-sa-vee" when she is going to the bathroom or changing. Ha!

I just love my sweet girl so much!

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