Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sawyer Starts Preschool

So about three weeks ago Sawyer finally got her chance to go school!  To say this girl was ready would be an understatement!  After watching her sister go to school for the last two years this little sister was ready to see what it was all about for herself.  She did not understand why Kennedie got to go to school a week before her and she didn't understand why she couldn't go every day like big sister!  Two days a week just didn't seem fair to her.  It was more than fair for this Momma!  It was a little bitter sweet to watch my angel girl go off on her own for two whole days a week without me, but I'm also so thankful to see her happy and enjoying it!

A week before school started she got to go in for Meet the Teacher.  She was so pumped, but sad that she didn't get to stay for a full school day.  She felt totally jipped to just be there for like thirty minutes. Ha! She was also super excited to find out that her classroom for school was the same class for church! Score!

She got there & she and Preslee immediately started playing puzzles:

What her day will look like:

In front of her cubby holding her sweet little nap mat that a friend from church made her. {Thank you Mrs. Teresa Turnbow! She LOVES it!}

She is in the puppy class at school which is so perfect for her!  Every time we are in the car or on a walk, Sawyer is quick to point out any "puppy" that she sees.  She calls herself the "puppy girl" over and over.  It was such a fun surprise to find out she would be in the puppy class!! Here she is pointing out her paw print with her birthday:

And finally a picture with her teacher.  She originally was supposed to have two teachers, Ms. Odet & Ms. Aislyn, but the split the class up and Ms. Aislyn is with other students.  Her teacher is Ms. Odet, the sweet lady on the right:

Finally the first day of school arrived and Sawyer Sue could not be any more excited:

Morning hugs from baby sister:

Sister picture (K was already at school):

Obligatory pictures with Daddy and Mommy:

Picture in front of cubby again:

So excited for her first day!  Here she is with her teacher Ms. Odet:

And this was how we left her....
Completely in the zone on a puzzle. No tears.  Totally content & ready for the day.

I'm so thankful Daddy is right down the hall if she needs anything.

I will confess Mommy did pretty good.  I was fine until I got in the car and thought about it and then I had a few tears well up in my eyes.  It's so hard to watch them get big, and yet such a blessing.

I love my sweet Sawyer Sue and I'm so proud of her!

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