Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Week

In exactly one week I will hopefully be holding my precious fourth daughter {unless she decides to come early}.

It seems like such a short time when I think of all I still want to accomplish before she gets here, but yet so far away because my heart is so heavy with longing to meet her.

I feel like so much has happened over the last week, that I can hardly wait one more week!

Last week Lantz and I were able to go to Abilene for ACU's Summit Sunday through Wednesday.  It was awesome-- of course, as it always is.  Lantz and I so enjoy the time of spiritual renewal. It was awesome too because I got to spend a little time with one of my best friends from college, Laura.  It was surreal to be sitting outside of Moody each night and watch our kids chase and play with each other.  Such a precious time that I'll keep etched in my memory.

The best thing about our time in Abilene though, was the fact that our birth mom was so sweet and invited us to her doctor's appointment.  We got to hear Chantzlyn Hope's heart beat for the first time and it was magical!   My heart was full of gratitude as tears of joy streamed down my face as I listened to the sweet little, "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" sound and looked at the face of our precious birth mom who chose life for our little one.   What a grand moment to be apart of!

I also had the opportunity to meet the doctor & I'm so glad I got to!  He was very patient and was sure to answer any questions that we had. I love the fact that he prayed over us after the appointment!  Amazing!

Here is my first "bump" picture:

And here is our first selfie with our girl:

It was also great to spend some extra time with our birth mom and just get to know her better.  I can honestly say that I truly believe God has brought our two families together.  I have loved developing a friendship with this sweet lady and look forward to getting to know her even better through the years.

When we first met with our birth mom, almost exactly one month ago now, she was so sweet to give us pictures from Chantzlyn's sonogram. The girls and I have both looked at these pictures over and over and every time it brings a smile to my face.  I LOVE this little gummy bear of mine & I can't wait to give her kisses!

I have also gotten some things done around the house.

#1. We have gotten down the newborn & 0-3 month clothes out of the attic, washed them & emptied out two drawers just for Chantzlyn.

#2. Everyone has moved beds.  The crib is officially ready for Chantzlyn with a new sheet on & the bumpers dry cleaned.  I was worried about Preslee's transition into a big girl bed, but so far so good.  She has been sleeping in her new big bed for almost a week now and she loves it!  Bet you can't tell....

#3. We have ordered Preslee a new car seat.  She has to move out of the infant carrier so Chantzlyn can take over- which means she needs a new place to ride.  Good news- her new car seat should be here soon.

#4. Speaking of car seats, Lantz has moved all the seats around in the van. We are now ready for 4 carseats to hold 4 girls!

#5. I bought a pack of newborn diapers. ... Y'all, this had to make the list. :)

#6.  A sweet lady at church is monograming a blanket for Chantzlyn so she'll have something with her name on it. So precious!  Thank you Donna Corder!

#8. Lantz's mom got two new adorable little Wubba Nub pacifiers for Chantzlyn & Momma Jean picked up a few outfits for her... including some new gown sleepers.

#9.  We got "big sister" shirts for the girls {they were so excited} and a "little sister" shirt for baby girl.

I think that's it.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that's where we are today!  We are getting so close and I can feel the energy just bubbling up inside of me!

Chantzlyn Hope, my precious baby girl, my heart is ready for you.  I pray for you every day.  I get so excited every time I think about you.  I wonder what color your hair will be, or what color your eyes will be.  I wonder how much you will weigh and how long you will be.  I wonder if you'll be a good eater or a good sleeper.  I wonder if you'll be a cuddler. I wonder what your cry will sound like.  I wonder what your little fingers wrapped around one of mine will feel like.  I wonder about so many things... but mostly I wonder about how I can already have so much love for you without even meeting you yet.  Our hearts beat with love and anticipation to meet you and hold you.  Sweet daughter of mine, I love you to the moon and back. 

{And in case you are feeling generous, we are still taking donations through our idonate page HERE. Thank you to everyone who either bought a shirt or made a donation, or both. We truly are humbled my the amount of love, support, generosity, and kindness shown us. }

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