Friday, September 25, 2015

Her Name Will Be...

Chantzlyn Hope

Yes... Chantzlyn Hope.

We love it and we think it will suite our 4th daughter just wonderfully!

Chantzlyn:  She will be named after her father and grandfather.  Lantz has an "ntz" in is name, and his dad's name is Frantz with an "ntz."  We wanted to keep the "ntz" alive through the generations.  If we ever had a boy his name would have been Chantz.  Since our home will be filled with all things pink we  decided to girlie it up a bit and that's how we got Chantzlyn.  

Hope:  Seems only fitting.  "Choose Hope" has been our victory call through our whole adoption process.  We choose hope in Christ first and foremost and we pray that for all of our sweet babies including Chantzlyn.  Her "tummy Mommy" {what the girls call our birth mom} chose hope by choosing life for our daughter.  Romans 5:5 says that "hope doesn't disappoint..."  and we know that our hope in Christ and living in obedience to Him will never disappoint us. 

Precious Chantzlyn Hope, oh how my soul longs to hold you in my arms!  I pray for you every day and know that the Lord is keeping watch over you.  I can't even begin to explain the love that my heart feels for you already.  I got to hear your heart beat for the first time this week and it filled me with joy, love, and hope.  You are my beloved chosen daughter and I love you. 

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