Friday, September 4, 2015

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

So our library did the sweetest thing this summer!  They hosted a Fancy Nancy tea party!!! {If you are a girl mom and you don't know about Fancy Nancy, you need to get these books!  They are the sweetest little things.  They also encourage using big words and expanding your vocabulary... which being an ex-reading teacher myself makes me fond of these books.... and I may or may not like accessories myself! :)}

Anyways, back to the tea party. It was so much fun!  I let the girls pick their "fanciest" attire that they wanted to wear for the tea party downtown.....

Should we start with Sawyer's goggles?  Ha!  As she was getting dressed she was like, "Mom, I need my goggles!  Where are my goggles?" Well, of course you need your goggles at the tea party! Ha!  I died laughing so hard!  And she wore them for awhile y'all.  Or, should we talk about Kennedie's short skirt and HIGH HEELS?! What?!  Silly girl was killing the heels.... she walked way to good in those things.

Some friends also met us up at the library for the tea party.  Don't they all look "fancy?"

It was decorated so cute:

First off the listened to Mrs. Sandra talk about tea party etiquette and then she read everyone two books.  All the girls (and Mommies) got to sit on big quilts and listen:

Sawyer was clearly very into it...

Then the best part was that the girls got to decorate cookies to eat:

And drink lemonade in "fancy" little cups while sticking out their pinky finger:

Here's another one of all the girls:

And finally here is one of my sweet two big girls and me {Preslee stayed home with Binky}:

So thankful our library hosted such a fun event!  The girls had a blast!

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