Thursday, September 3, 2015

Extra Pictures

So, of course I'm still trying to play catch up on my little blog here.  Will it ever happen?-- I'm not sure!

Truth be told we do a family Valentines gift each year.  It's a big Shutterfly book from the previous year.  The girls love it and we love it and it's perfect! Well... lets just say we haven't celebrated Valentines yet this year.  I'm still working on our 2014 book. Yikes!  I just want to finish it before 2015 is over at this point.  I feel like I keep getting closer and closer.  Anyways, I say all that to say, I hop back and forth between working on the book to working on the blog.  I currently have them both pulled up. :) One day it will happen.

Back to some more summer fun though!

These two just crack me up:

I feel like every day they become better and better friends.  They have so much fun together!  (They are also learning how to push each others buttons if we are being honest!)

And this girl.....
When did she get so big?!  I feel like her sitting there all cross-legged, with her necklace, painted toes, and fake smile she looks SO big!!!

And lets talk about how Sawyer definitely still needs a nap each day.  This summer we would watch a  few movies during the week and each day we turned them on, you could almost count on Sawyer ending up like this:
Passed out... SNORING!!!  I love that she still cuddles and sleeps with her "Elmee" (elephant).

Did I tell you Mikalie came to stay with us for a week this summer?!  Best week EVER!!! She is such a great help with the girls & they LOVE, I mean LOVE her!  Love their cousin love! Kennedie & Sawyer look up to her so much:

And of course Preslee loves her too, but getting a picture with all four of them was a bit of a challenge:

On top of Mikalie visiting, we got several visits from Binky this summer.  Of course the girls LOVE when Binky comes to town.  She is so great about really playing with them and engaging with them.  Here they all are sharing a little tea party one morning on the kitchen floor:

Fun times!!

(Now time for me to head back over to keep working on our family book!)

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