Monday, September 14, 2015

A Few Pictures...

I found a few random pictures that hadn't made it into a blog yet, so I thought I'd share them....

Love that we get donuts for a few "special" reasons in our house.  On the morning of someone's birthday the birthday girl gets to go get a special donut & bring back some for everyone else to share. That is also the case on the morning of yearly portraits for each girl.  I found this gem of the girls enjoying some donuts {on the floor} after Kennedie's early morning of 5 year old pictures:

That above is real life y'all.... Sawyer gets so hot all the time.  She ends up taking her clothes or pajamas off so often throughout the day.  She runs around with out clothes most days. And let's talk about Preslee's bow... I have no idea why she has that on her head.  But her pajamas were mine when I was a baby... only it's a gown for a newborn.... on her its a short sleeve walk around grown. Ha! Love it!

Love this sweet one of K & Pres:

And here is one of all my babies playing babies together {again, real life with Sawyer}... 

Sawyer loves to wear her sunglasses:

Ha!  She is so funny!  

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