Thursday, August 20, 2015

Swim Lessons 2015

This summer we did swim lessons at the high school again.  It's always good to be at my alma mater & share some of my old space with new memories.  I love seeing my old swim coach, Coach Serio (he's the best!), and catching up with him a little bit.  I spent many a day here growing up...

This year, both Sawyer and Kennedie did lessons at the beginning of the summer.  They each had private lessons, and Preslee was there supporting them & cheering them on.  I'll let the pictures from the week do the talking....

Sawyer did not want to get out after day one... this was the face she gave us:

On the last day the girls were so excited to "jump" off the diving board:

Momma Jean & Cowboy came to watch them on their last day.  I forgot to get a picture, but they were there in full support!

Kennedie had progressed so much since last year and at the end of the week she was so close to "getting it."  She could swim underwater and hold her breath, but we really wanted her to start to swim strokes and learn the correct way of swimming.  So, I talked with Coach Serio and got her signed up with another set of lessons with Collin, the new Sea Lions swim coach (Sea Lions is the club swim team). Those lessons were at the beginning of August.  To say that Collin is a great teacher would be an understatement.  I am hoping all my girls will get to do lessons with him through the years, and I'm also hoping he'll stay on as the coach of the Sea Lions and my girls will maybe be able to swim under him.  Preslee & Sawyer both tagged along to support big sister!

Learning her Momma's stroke... backstroke:

She did SO great!  I'm hoping next year she can make it down & back all on her own & possibly be on the swim team if she wants. :)

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