Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Pictures

I found this little gem of Kennedie and Preslee back in May:

And it completely reminded me of this little gem of Kennedie & Sawyer when Sawyer was about 9 or 10 months old:

Totally cracks me up & makes me a little sad at the same time to see how big Kennedie has gotten.  Time just flies by.

The day before Kennedie's birthday we brought blue velvet cupcakes up to the school for her to share them with her friends in her class.  She was pretty excited! Here are a few pictures we snagged.  {Sawyer loved sitting at the table like a big kid & sharing in on the treats.}

This picture was taken the night before she turned five.  It's Kennedie's last picture as a four year old:

And of course we had to treat the birthday girl to yummy donuts on the morning of her actual birthday.  Doesn't she look so much older?:

We had so much rain this past spring and also early summer.  It was crazy!  I have never seen so much rain before- ever!  Well, house chores still had to get done.  Lantz was trying to mow one morning before the rain rolled in, but he didn't make it.  He had to finish up in the pouring rain! 

Also, not sure if I have ever shared or documented this before, but we have a fun family tradition every week.  Each Saturday morning we make homemade biscuits.  It's a fun time for us all.  We typically have all hands on deck with music playing in the background. 

We enjoyed lots of family walks in between the rain storms and before the hot weather arrived.  We love just getting out and strolling around the block a few times.  You can see we always go out in our finest....

Gotta hang out with my sister for a few days.  She came in town & we so enjoyed seeing her in June. Here we are together:

Fun, fun, fun!  Y'all, I'm trying so hard to get caught up on my blogging!

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