Sunday, August 16, 2015

Final Days of KR

Y'all tomorrow Kennedie starts Kindergarten.  I can't even believe it.  I don't think I'm ready for "real school."  I mean, I think Kennedie is ready, but I don't think I'm ready to swallow the fact that she is actually old enough to go to an elementary school. SO crazy.

Then I got to thinking about the good ol' blog.  And it reminded me how so far behind I am on this little time capsule of mine.  I'm reminded about how before I had kids I'd update daily {On who knows what?? What did I actually do before kids?}, then after each child I see my blog drifting further and further out to sea...... Ugh.  I hate that.  I mean, this IS my baby book y'all.  There isn't another one.  So, if I don't document here, then I don't have it anywhere. I love to keep tabs on my family and occasionally when that spare second comes along, it's fun for me to "flip through the pages" of this here baby book.

With that said... I gotta get on this.  I am going to try to get us caught up to speed here.

Starting with the fact that I haven't even finished documenting Kennedie's end of school stuff for KR... Y'all- KR!  Here she is starting Kindergarten and I don't even have this KR stuff done.  So let's do this.

So this girl....

wrapped up KR back in May!

They sure did have a KR graduation ceremony for the kiddos.  Don't worry, we were there in full paparazzi style!  Don't judge the photography because between my proud mama whooping and hollering for my baby and my tears the pictures weren't the greatest. :)

 Walking in:

Waiting for her name to be called...

BEST teachers ever-- saying a few words:

Waiting patiently:

Oh, name called:

Picture with "Mr. C" {Head of schools & completely awesome!}:

Hugs with teachers:

Graduation gifts:

All ready for Kindergarten:

Hugs with one sister (Sawyer didn't want a picture): 

Pictures with Mommy & Daddy:

Picture with Mrs. D:

Picture with Mrs. Jackson:

Picture with K's sweet friend Eden:

It was such a sweet little ceremony, complete with lemonade and cupcakes!

Finally, here is a picture of Kennedie on her first & then last day of KR:

Can't believe how much she grew in one year, and can't believe that we'll be taking this picture again tomorrow!

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