Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Preslee Ray's Drop of Golden Sun Party

I can't believe that it's almost August and I'm just now getting around to blogging about my sweet Preslee's first birthday party. Oh well... we've been a bit tied up.  Our crazy summer schedule along with adoption paper work has kept us very busy.

I decided that I would do a play on Preslee's name for her birthday party.... Preslee "Ray a drop of golden sun." With the movie "Sound of Music" playing in our house frequently it just kinda came up naturally.  Since her middle name is from my dad, we kept the same spelling instead of changing it to the girlier version, Rae.  So, it seemed easy to just tie in a bit of a sunshine theme.  I didn't want a bold in your face sunshine theme though.  I really love the vintage-type feeling parties.  I have a lot on hand that is easy to use.

So.. I knew I wanted a sunshine party, but I couldn't quit put my finger on what I was envisioning.  Then, I saw a cute little outfit on Zullily that inspired me.  It helped me bring all that was in my head into a clear picture.  Something earthy, sweet, a touch of yellow, with a flair of fun.  I almost bought it for her for her one year pictures and the party, but it was more than what I wanted to spend.  I showed it to my mom, and asked if she could do something similar.

Here was my party inspiration and my Mom's outfit inspiration:

To say my mom delivered, would be an understatement!!! Y'all, I loved it ten times more than what I saw on Zulily.  Here is what my mom ended up making for my sweet girl:

She made it out of muslin so it's super soft and it gave it that perfect earthy feel.   The crochet yellow lace added the vintage inspired feel I wanted.  It really is beautiful-- one of my favorite pieces my mom has made!

Next up was setting up the theme with the invites.  That's where my crazy talented friend Natalie, at Topsy Turvy Design Shop, came in to save the day with her beautiful design work.  I told her my vision and she worked with me to create again, one of my favorite invites to date.  Here is the beautiful front:
 Isn't it the cutest thing EVER?! And then the back was just my little sweetie pie sporting her new outfit:

If you have a party or event or need birth announcements, graduation announcements, or Christmas cards then there is no one better to work with than Natalie!  Click HERE to go to her Etsy shop or click HERE to go to her Facebook page.  Seriously, y'all- she is that good!

The party turned out pretty cute, but very similar to Sawyer's first party.  Sawyer's party was more browns and creams with hearts.  Click HERE to see Sawyer's vintage first birthday party.

Here is my sweet girl all ready to party!  {I know she's not smiling, but that was the best picture we got.  She really was in a great mood for the party!}

So you already got a good look at the main table up above.

Food wise, we decided to go ahead and do breakfast again.  That seems to work well for our party schedule & allows people to still have a majority of their day.  We served biscuits with lots of different jellies, honey or gravy.  We also served sausage, and strawberries.  (The gravy went in the empty white bowl in the picture below. We kept it warming on the stove until we were ready to eat.)

We also had fruit squeezer pouches for the little ones and puffs in adorable little candy cups that I covered with burlap and yellow detail. For dessert we had rice crispy treats, lemon cupcakes and french toast cupcakes with maple syrup buttercream frosting.  Preslee's smash cake was a naked lemon cake.  Y'all I actually did all the baking myself for this party!  It all turned out yummy- even if it wasn't the prettiest!

Drinks were water, orange juice, fancy lemonade, and chocolate milk served on a vintage drink cart from Lantz's grandmother's house:

Some of my favorite decor was chicken coop on the table, the paper doily bunting hanging from the ceiling, the polka dot streamers behind the smash cake area, the fabric bunting hanging from the doors,  and the little yellow Billy Ball flowers.  I'll just let the pictures do the talking from here:

I blew up one of her first year pictures to put on the fireplace & put all of her monthly pictures on a bunting in front of a white fabric strip bunting.  This is where guests put her presents.

Here were the "Thank You" favors.  I made lemon muddy buddies.  They were so yummy the night before when I made them, but to my surprise I ate some after the guests left, and they were gross and stale.  Note to self...serve immediately and don't make beforehand.

Preslee's cake smash was awesome! Unlike my other two girls, this little Miss went straight in... there was no holding her back!  She dug in almost immediately & was all smiles & excited the whole time!

Here we are with our party girl:

And the party girl having fun:

Family with the party girl:

She was loving the chocolate milk:

A few present pictures:

Overall, it was such a fun party!  We were so thankful to celebrate our little Ray of sunshine with sweet friends and family.

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