Monday, July 27, 2015

Preslee is 15 Months Old

It seems strange that this precious girl of mine is just checking off the months left and right.... 15 months already!  Last week this little one hit this mile marker & in so many ways I can't believe that she is already this old, and in other ways, I can't believe that she is so young because I feel as though she is so advanced.

Little Sister,

- You are our little firecracker of a personality!  You like to be the center of attention & will always be sure to let us know that you are around.  You will "shake it" with your dance moves, or talk, or scream.
-Speaking of talking... you will just get going sometimes.  You will hold up your little finger and jibber-jabber away about who knows what.  It's like you know exactly what you are talking about even if the rest of us have no idea.
- You develop more of an opinion daily about what you eat.  You seem very persistent about wanting your plate to look just like everyone else's.  You don't understand why yours has to be cut up so small when no one else's is cut.
- You are still breastfeeding 5 times a day.
- You still take two naps a day.  About an hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  You are so easy to lay down.  We hold you and let you cuddle with your little bunny and blanket, and we sing David Crowder's song, "Oh how He loves us," and sway and within about a minute you reach down for your bed and we lay you right down.  Lights off and sound machine on and you are good to go.  Occasionally you'll cry for a few minutes, but normally you just zonk right out. Love that it's so easy!
- You love Music and Movement class at the library.  You will just run around the room like you own the place.  You love to "shake it."
- You completely understand the word "no."  Now, that doesn't mean you actually listen. You tend to pause when we tell you no and it's like you think about what choice you will make.  Sometimes you listen, and sometimes you don't.
- You have at least 12 teeth, but you may have more... it's hard for me to get a good look in your mouth.  I love that you still have a little bit of a snaggle tooth smile.
-  You are wearing 12 month & some 18 month clothing now.
- You are wearing size 5 and a few size 6 shoes.
- You still think it is so funny to throw your sister's panties in the trash.  I always have to double check the trash before we throw it out to make sure you haven't thrown away panties without me knowing. Little stinker.
- Speaking of trash, you completely understand what it is and  if we ask you to throw something away or put it in the "trash," you will walk right over and toss it. Such a big helper.
- You have started climbing on everything lately!  You have turned into a little bit of an adventurer!  You will climb on the toy room chairs and table and then use those to climb on the toy room bed.  You climb on your black dress up box and then climb or almost jump onto Kennedie's bed.  You climb up on the couch and on the rocking chair and on the dining room chairs.  You try to climb up the ladder on the play set in the back yard.  You climb onto everything!
- If it's just the two of us at home you want to be held constantly, but if your sisters or Daddy are around then you are fine walking around and checking in on everyone.
- You have definitely started warming up to familiar faces and it's so cute to see you laugh and smile and "talk" to people you know!
- It's so hard to take pictures of you now.  Most of them are blurry or of the back of your head because you are on the go and won't sit still for half a second!
- You will say, "Ahhhhh" and lean in for a hug or kiss.... one of the best things  ever.

Sweet Preslee Ray baby, I can't believe how big you are getting!  You are growing into such a sweet and lively little girl! You have a big personality that is so fun to be around.  My heart feels like it could explode with the love that I have for you.  Your smile is to die for and your little kisses and hugs are the most precious things ever.  I am so thankful that out of all the Mommies in the world God picked me to be yours!  You are such a joy sweet girl!  I love you so much. 

On the go!

First visit to the splash pad!  You LOVED it!

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