Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Family time in March

So I got ahead of myself with my Easter post.  I found some pictures that I totally forgot about.

In March, my mom & I headed to Little Rock for a girls weekend with my sister.  It was low key, but filled with lots of fun memories!  We hung out at her new house, went shopping, Heather did my mom's hair and my hair, and Ellis treated us girls to a nice dinner at South on Main.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend adventures!  It was great to just get away with my mom & sister and be relieved of my motherly duties for the weekend.

A week later we were all able to head out of town to see Lantz's mom & step dad in Graham.  We had fun just hanging out, going on walks to explore on their land, and resting.  Here are a few pictures:

When we got back in town later that week we got to go to Frozen on Ice.  Blinky (Lantz's mom) bought us tickets and the girls were SO excited!  We had a great time!  Thanks Crysty for watching Preslee for us so we could take the big girls out!

And this made me laugh.... I guess Sawyer was so tired she fell asleep on the table. Ha!

And the girls looked extra adorable in these sweet dresses that Binky (Lantz's mom) got for them.  You know I'm a sucker for matching!

Trying to slowly get caught up in the blogging world.  Love finding pictures that I forgot about... it's like getting a little moment in time back!

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  1. Love those dresses - they look so adorable! And I'm jealous at how much hair your girls have. Sadie is 3 1/2 & still hasn't had a haircut yet :(