Thursday, May 7, 2015

Snow Days

Hello little blog.  My how I've missed you.  I seem to have gotten behind on my every day happenings.

Like the fact that we had snow.... in February. Yes, I know it's currently May, but we need to talk about the snow.

It was a big deal.

Especially when you have to help layer up 3 little girls to go outside for five minutes to play in the said snow.

It iced/snowed first and then about 2 weeks later it actually snowed and covered the ground in a thick white blanket.  It was gorgeous.

Here are some pictures to document the snow {and that I was a good mother & layered everyone up to play}:

Ice/snow day first.  Kennedie was at school.  Sawyer, Preslee and I ventured into the back yard for a few minutes to check it out.  It was Preslee's first time to see snow.  Sawyer said she was cold and ready to go back inside within about 2 minutes.

And then a few weeks later with all three girls.....
Sawyer insisted on wearing the ball cap to keep her head warm instead of a toboggan. I did convince her to put her lion hat on for a picture so all three of the girls would be in animal hats.  Awesome photo op. Lantz & Kennedie tried to make a snow man.  Preslee & Sawyer got cold quick and went back inside in a hurry. :)

We played, stayed warm, and made lots of fun memories!

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  1. Jessica, I don't know if you should post that much adorableness all at once. I mean, whose heart can handle all that cuteness in one place at one time? Really... it could start a chain reaction of awesome, and the universe might implode.
    (I mean it - that's like cute on top of cute...with fudge, homemade whipped cream, chopped almonds, and cherries on top. Dark cherries, though. Not those funky neon red ones that come in jars.)

    And yes - I agree, you should go for arranged marriages. :) :) :)