Thursday, May 7, 2015

Random Catch Up

Through February and March we had lots of fun times!  Unfortunately I didn't have a spare minute to sit down and blog about all of our happenings.  

Here is a quick catch up.

While it was cold out, we would let the girls watch a movie while Preslee napped.  99% of the time Sawyer would also take her nap in the middle of the movie, sometimes with Daddy:

Preslee got plenty of loving from Daddy too:

Kennedie dressed up as Thing #2 on Dr. Suess Day at school:

Sawyer was silly:

There was plenty of sister loving:

Kennedie & Lantz went on a date together.  They went to a Daddy-Daughter Tea at the church, and the theme was Frozen.  Needless to say Kennedie was SO excited, & they had TONS of fun together. 

Well, we couldn't let Kennedie have all the fun.  Sawyer & Lantz decided they needed a date too! Lantz decided to take her to one of the student's in the youth group's play and to get pizza and ice cream.  Sawyer couldn't wait!!  When I told her she was going on a date with Daddy, she immediately went to the dress-up box to get ready.  She didn't know that her date wasn't Frozen themed like Kennedie's.  All she knew was that her sister got dressed up for a date, and so she was too.  She decided on her Anna dress, her Super "S" cape, her princess jewelry and crown, and her sparkle tennis shoes.  She also decided to pose herself for the pictures.  They obviously had a good time because ice-cream was involved! 

We also had Open House at Kennedie's school.  We got to see her self-portrait and also a little dance in the gym.  It was fun to watch her in her element:

Such fun little memories spanning a few months time!

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