Thursday, May 7, 2015

Great Friends

You see, we have these GREAT friends.  I mean, awesome, really.  The Kimberlins have been our amigos for over ten years now.  Since moving back to Texas, we've been on the same track as far as babies go.... only, they have boys and we have girls.  It's perfect for pre-arranged marriages.  

Our kids have grown up together in a sense.  Lets take a walk down memory lane, starting with Kennedie & Eli in womb to present day & see how our bunch has changed:

And then their friendship developed:

And then we added two more to the mix:

But the original two kept going strong:

And you'll notice a lull in pictures the more kids we add to the mix.  Apparently we didn't see the need to take any of Everett & Sawyer together.  But then we each added number 3 to the mix... and we decided almost a year after we should get some together.

Here is our crew from about a month and a half ago:

My how the times change!  Can't wait to see what our crew will look like in a few more years with a few more kiddos added in! 

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