Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kennedie's School Valentine's Party

Of course Kennedie had the cutest little Valentine's party at school.  Sawyer, Preslee, Lantz, and I headed up for the big fun! They made a craft, decorated cookies, and exchanged Valentines.  Here are a few pictures we snagged of the fun:

Preslee also got a sneak bite of icing at this party!  Little rascal just dug her hand right into the cookie of the little boy sitting beside Sawyer when he wasn't looking.  She stuck the icing straight in her mouth and went back for more. No waiting on that first taste of sugar at her birthday for our Preslee Ray!  It was bound to happen with two older sisters!  So much love I have for my 2 girls!!

Oh, and I totally forgot to take a picture of the Valentine's that we made for K's class.  Here is the picture of the free printable we used from online.  Our's looked like this, except I wish I had a picture of Kennedie's adorable little name on the back.  She hand wrote her name on all 24 Valentine's to her friends.  So sweet!

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