Friday, January 9, 2015

College Station Christmas & 1/2 Marathon

I guess we have a new tradition on hand!  Lantz and his sister both ran in the BCS marathon again this year.  Lantz decided to run the 1/2 marathon (like his sister) in College Station instead of the full like he did last year.  He ran to help raise money for Mercy Project and their goal to help free child slaves in fishing villages in Africa.  Check out the organization HERE.

Lantz and Kristal both did an awesome job!  Here are some pictures from the big race:

This year we decided that since Lantz would be taking the teens & some families on a ski trip after Christmas we would just go ahead and celebrate with his Mom & sister & family while we were in town for the marathon.  The marathon was actually on Sunday, so all the next pictures actually took place first. Ha!

Saturday morning we got the kids up early to go have breakfast with the Elf on the Shelf at Kristal (vice-principal), Cason, & Mikalie's school.  Here are some pictures from the morning:

The kids decorated a gingerbread house with Binky:

We also did a little present opening which was so fun for all the kids!  It was so fun to watch Preslee, because this was her very first round of opening presents ever.  Here are a few pictures:

So grateful for family and the opportunity to spend time together & make lasting memories!

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