Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Of course we had so much fun with the girls on Christmas day!  We made tons of memories & had a blast with family.   Warning: Lots of pictures approaching.  {See if you can tell from all the gifts what the "theme" of this year's gifts were for the girls.}

Santa brought the Kennedie a Frozen beach towel, Elsa dress, Frozen Look & Find book, Frozen coloring page, & stocking stuffers.  Santa brought Sawyer a Frozen beach towel, an Anna dress, Going on a Bear Hunt,  Frozen coloring page, & stocking stuffers.  He brought the big girls a new game to share: Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel.  Preslee got new "Little Sister" pajamas, new sippy cups, and some stocking stuffers.  Santa's goods that he brought:

I think it's hilarious that both the girls went for their stockings first.  Kennedie was so excited about her Frozen gear, & Sawyer was excited about her candy! Ha!  Here are some pictures of the girls from Christmas morning opening up gifts:

After opening presents from Santa we got dressed and headed to Baba & Ooh-Daddy's house (my mom's parents) to eat breakfast & open some presents:

From Baba's house we headed to Momma Jean & Poppa's house (my dad's parents) for lunch & some more present opening {By the way, my sister and I did not plan on matching}:

Momma Jean used to always buy me a box of chocolate covered cherries-- I got her one as a throw back!

Uncle Marty wrapped like 12 boxes to give dad a new pocket knife.  We all got a kick out of it! 

Love this sweet picture of Preslee asleep on Momma Jean. 

From Momma Jean's house we headed to back to our house to open presents with my mom, dad, & sister:

Sawyer decided she like the Cars house shoes better than the Frozen & Bee & Cowboy delivered! Love that my sweet girl has a mind of her own!

Clearly we had a great time!  If you stuck with me through all the pictures-- good job!  High five if you guessed correctly on this year's theme of Frozen!  I'm pretty sure if it had any Frozen character on it- it ended up in our girl's hands.  It's just SO much fun watching the girls get so excited!

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  1. Loved looking at all the pictures. Tell Lantz I have a pair of shoes just like his. Great memories wearing them. Love y'all. Keep up the great job of being a loving mommy.