Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sawyer Sue is Two!!

Wow!  I can't believe that I'm actually typing this post about my baby girl being two years old.  It feels like I just closed my eyes for a second and this once tiny little baby girl is now a fun, sweet two year old.  Yesterday we got to celebrate this precious little angel as she turned two with some sweet family and friends.  It's been so much fun watching my sweet girl develop over the last month-- I feel like she has really "grown-up" over the last few weeks.

Darling little Sawyer:

- This month has been a huge developmental month for you.  Over the last few weeks you went from saying hardly any words to trying to say everything!!  I wish I could sit here and think of it all, but I just can't remember everything.  Some things you are saying: "juse" (juice), "mill" (milk), "paa-ee" (party), "stawws" (stars), "buuu" (buckle), "teeth," "oss" (socks), "cheese," "fsh" (fish), "bi" (big), "baff" (bath), "bii" (bike),"doe" (go), "haa" (hot), and one you use all the time now: "myyyy" (mine).  You have also started answering questions correctly.  You used to always answer "no" for everything we asked you, but now you will say "yes" and use it appropriately.  Such a big growth I feel.    One of the best things though is listening to you try to say people's names.  You say, "Be-be" (Binky), Pop Pop (Papa & Poppa), Bee, "Ha-ie" (Hattie), "Arch" (Archer),  Baba, and my most favorite of all: "Nee-nee" (Kennedie).  I could just eat you up when you say call your sister "Nee-nee"-- it's so stinking cute!  You will also say, "Pwess" for your new baby sister's name Preslee.
- Speaking of "speaking," we can ask you how old you are, and you'll say "two."  So sweet.
- You have really taken to "Patty Cake" lately.  You will randomly say, "Roww it" (while moving your arms in a circular motion), "Paaa it" (while patting your legs), "Sssssss" ( because when Mommy sings it she says, "Mark it with an 'S' and put it in the oven for Sawyer & me!).  So sweet: "Rowww it, Paaa it, Sssss."  You also will open and close your hands when we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and you will put your hands up high when we sing "..Up so high."  It's so cute & part of the inspiration behind your birthday party.
-  It is official... you are a Daddy's girl.  At bed time Daddy & I switch every other night between getting you & your sister ready so that way we get to spend an equal amount of time with you both.  Well, lately when it's Mommy's night to get you ready you scream and cry "Daddy" the whole time.  You really just want him over me for just about anything.  I understand though-- he's pretty awesome... how could you resist?
- You love to run and play outside, and you've really started coloring even more this month.
- I think you weigh about 28 pounds now.  We'll get the "official" weight when we take you into your two year appointment.
- You are wearing 24 month & 2t clothes and a size 6 & 1/2 shoe now. (Although I think your foot recently grew and you may be a 7 now.)
- You are really only taking one nap a day - about 2 hours.  Occasionally you'll still catch a cat nap in the morning, but really you rely on your one 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
- You are still learning your boundaries and learning how to obey.  You will sometimes have to get your hiney spanked or sit in time-out if you don't listen.  It seems over all though that you make good choices and frequently have to be disciplined.
- You have not started potty training.  You will occasionally say "po-ee" or "tee-tee" and we will sit you on the potty, but you have yet to actually use the bathroom when we sit you down.  You will let us know when you need a new diaper by a lot of times pulling on your diaper and saying  "hi-ee" (hiney).  I'm definitely not rushing potty training.  I don't feel like you are quit ready yet and things with Kennedie took so long I'm afraid to start too early.  I will continue to monitor you to see if I can determine when you are ready to start.  I'm thinking after your baby sister gets here & we start to settle into being a family of five.
- You like to look at pictures on Daddy's phone or anyone's phone for that matter.  The problem is that when someone tries to take their phone back you get very mad and upset.  You will scream and cry.  We try not to let you have a phone just to avoid the fit that will follow.

My precious little Sawyer Sue, I can't believe that you are already a big two year old.  It seems like yesterday we welcomed you into our family and that we were introducing you to your big sister.  Now, you'll be a big sister too soon.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone, and yet I have truly tried to treasure every sweet moment with you.  I know that you are quickly becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby, and that makes me a little sad, but also very excited.  You are such a sweet girl and I already see the sweet heart that you have inside.  My prayer for you is that you will stay loving and pure and kind.... that you will continue to grow in obedience and faith.... that you will show mercy to others and forgive even when it is difficult... that you will cultivate a heart of service for others and learn truly what it means to love others as you love yourself.... that you will love Jesus so passionately that people are changed because they see Him working in your life.... that you will follow the One and Only true God who created you and loves you more than you'll ever know.... that you will have fun and carry a joy that can only come from above.... that you'll bring others into the love of the Father.... that you will not care what others may think about you because you gain your confidence from the Lord and not this world... and that you will know how much I love you and am so grateful to be your mother.  Sawyer, I love you so much sweet girl.  Happy birthday pumpkin-doodle! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Sometimes Kennedie says the cutest little things and I just don't want to forget them.  Instead of saying "forgot" she will say "regot."  Like, "Daddy regot his bag."  I just think it's the most precious thing ever.  It makes me smile every time she says it.  And to be honest, I stopped correcting her... it's just too sweet.  I like to hear it.