Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year's

For New Year's we deiced to load the van up and head out to Lantz's mom's house for a little R & R.  Even though we had just seen Binky & Pop the day before, the girls were so excited to get away to their house in the country in Graham.  I think we all enjoyed just riding the Ranger, checking on the cows, sleeping, and eating.  We had so much fun & made lots of fun memories.  Here are a few pictures from our 2 days there:

Our cup overflows!  What a blessing to be back in Texas and so close to those we love the most!

Christmas with Lantz's side of the Family

The day after our Six Flags adventure we headed to Bonham for Christmas with Papa (Lantz's dad) and Nana.  The girls of course were so excited to spend the day with their cousins and of course more presents.  Here are a few pictures from our gift exchange:

We brought the girl's bikes up too, and since it was a pretty nice day they had a chance to ride them some.  Audrey (Lantz's step brother's daughter) even had a chance to come over and play outside too!  At one point the girls hoped off their bikes and went on a quick "run" with their Aunt K and cousins.  Here are a few pictures from their outdoor fun:

Silly Face

Needless to say it was a big day for the girls, but I one crashed a little sooner than the other.  Check out this sweet picture of Sawyer all cuddled up asleep on her Papa:

All in all we had such a great time!

The next day Binky (Lantz's mom) and Pop came to stay at our house for some more Christmas celebrations!  Mike, Kristal, and the kids all packed up and headed our way too.  We had a great time just hanging out, eating, exchanging Christmas presents, and thrifting.  I guess we had so much fun that I forgot to take the camera out to capture all the fun times.  Boo. :(

The Girls First Trip to Six Flags

A few days after Christmas, Lantz's mom got us some free tickets to Six Flags.  I would have never taken the girls to Six Flags just because of the cost and it didn't seem worth it for their age, plus I am pregnant and all.  However, with free tickets we were all in!  The exciting thing was that Lantz's sister's family all had season passes and they planned on going the Friday after Christmas before they went to Lantz's dad's house. This was perfect for us!  We met them there & Kristal & Mikalie hung out with us for a little while & eventually Lantz was able to disappear with the boys to ride a big ride.

All in all, the girls had a BLAST!  It was a little chilly, but not bad.  We packed our own dinner too, so that helped keep it to a minimum cost.  It was a little sad for Sawyer, because she was still just a hair too short to ride all the rides that Kennedie was able to.  She was such a trooper though and didn't fuss at all about it.  She did get to ride some, and it was so cute to watch her get so excited.

Here are a few iPhone pictures from the day:

We just happened to run into Kennedie's friend, Hannah from church & school-- they had so much fun riding a ride together!

We stayed warm & made lots of fun memories!  With as much fun as they had, I think they'll enjoy it even more when they are older!

Hello 3rd Trimester

Whoa!  I can't believe that I am already in my 3rd trimester with my sweet 3rd daughter.  Time has surely flown by!  This sweet little girl has been dancing to the tune of her older sisters... she's a mover & a shaker!  I love it when she gives me a sweet little tap to remind me that she's still there-- as if I could forget!  I love her so much already and I can hardly wait to get my hands on her.  I had a dream about her the other night--  that I was holding her and getting to love on her.  I awoke only to desperately feel ready to meet this sweet little angel.  But not so soon.  She has some more growing to do.  As for me... I wish I didn't have more growing, but alas.. I do.  Here is the belly bump growth to date:

Sawyer's First Hair Cut

The day after Christmas Aunt Feather, Uncle Ellis, and Bee came over to play some games (Cowboy had to work).  We had lots of fun!  Then, Sawyer got her very first hair cut... it was really just a trim, but it was the first time that scissors had touched her sweet little baby hair.  Of course it was done by the only stylist that we love and trust- Aunt Feather.

Sawyer did so great sitting still and waiting for her to get done!

All done!

And K needed a picture too!

So glad that the girls can get their hair done by someone they love! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Yes... you read that correctly.  I'm still trying to get caught up on my holiday posts.  So here goes:

Christmas morning was filled with such fun surprises!  It was so neat to wake the girls up & watch them check out all the goods that Santa left them that night.  It was so funny though.  Kennedie has been asking for a bike for several, several months now, and we kept telling her that maybe Santa will bring her a bike.  Well, when she got up to look at her presents- she looked at her bike and then sat down with her stocking.  She pulled every little thing out of her stocking before she really paid any attention to her bike... even after we told her, "Look Kennedie!  Santa brought you and Sawyer bikes!"  And even with Sawyer checking her bike out Kennedie sat and dug through her stocking.  I'm not sure if she was embarrassed or half awake, or honestly much more interested in her stocking than her bike.  Who knows?

Once she finally started checking her bike out, she was so excited!  She specifically wanted a purple bike with a purple helmet.  Sawyer got a Strider bike or a balance bike without pedals to help her learn how to balance.  But Santa had a surprise up his sleeve.  He actually left a 3rd bike!  Whoa!  Good thing he left a note to explain.  {There is a new sister coming and soon she'll need a bike. (Plus Santa wasn't so sure the purple bike would fit Kennedie yet, so they can all share the bikes.)  That Santa, always thinking!}

Here are some pictures from our Christmas morning at home with the girls:

After heading outside to try out the new bikes for a spin one of our old kids in the youth group Austin stopped by to bring us some hot homemade cinnamon rolls.... YUMMY!  SO good!  The Scott family has a tradition of blessing several different family friends on Christmas morning with their homemade cinnamon rolls.  We feel so blessed to be included!  They are so yummy & we treasure their sweet family.

After some cinnamon rolls we got dressed and headed to Baba & Ooh-Daddy's house (my mom's parents) for a full Christmas breakfast with family and some stocking gifts.  Always a blessed time {Note: Aunt Danice's family left while we were taking family pictures at the end, so they are not pictured.}:
The girls

Baba & the girls

Bee & Cowboy with the girls

My side of the family

Aunt Darla & Uncle Mike

Love this picture of Baba looking at Ooh-Daddy

As soon as the fun times were over at Baba's house we headed into town to go to Momma Jean & Poppa'a house (my dad's parents) for lunch & presents.  The best part about this Christmas celebration (except family of course) is that Momma Jean does a big Chinese Christmas with tons of recycled presents.  She collects all year & then wraps them up & we all get to play and war over all kinds of preowned treasures.  It's such a fun time!

All in all in was such a blessed day filled with yummy food, priceless relationships, and lots of laughter.  I truly am blessed.