Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Yes.... Thanksgiving.  I know.  I'm behind in the blogging world.

Thanksgiving 2014 was super yummy & lots of fun with family.  Thursday we started out with round one at my parent's house.  We enjoyed lunch with Mom, Dad, Heather, Ellis, Momma Jean and Poppa.

On Friday we went and celebrated Thanksgiving at Baba's house (my mom's mom).  I somehow managed to not take any pictures there, but I got a few of us just hanging out at my mom's house after the fun! 

On Saturday we headed to the square for some good old fashioned fun with some "Home for the Holiday's" festivities.   The girls rode the ferris wheel with Cowboy (my dad) and Aunt Feather; they rode the carousel with Cowboy, and then we made some ornaments. About the ferris wheel-- Kennedie LOVED it, but Sawyer sure did cry the first half of it.  I think she was scared.  She finally stopped crying and I think enjoyed herself.  Here are a few pictures I snagged off of my sister's & mom's Facebook page:

So blessed to be close to family to enjoy the holidays.  It was such a fun Thanksgiving filled with lots of love and memories!  I really do LOVE family time! 

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  1. Such a sweet family gathering. Your mom and dad's kitchen is really pretty. It looks like y'all had a great thanksgiving. Love to you all