Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Preslee is 8 Months Old

8 Months.  This is a big one for me.  I don't really know why..... it just seems like my babies grow over night at this age.  I very clearly remember each of my other girls at 8 months old and I have no doubt I will remember sweet Preslee at this age.  It's such a fun time, but very defining.  It seems like it's the time where independence is on the brink and the realization that there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored! Preslee is no exception!  This month has been a big one for her!

Baby girl:

- This month you have really developed those crawling skills!  You still mostly army crawl everywhere, let me repeat, - EVERY. WHERE. -- but the past week you have gotten yourself onto your knees and you will actually do some legitimate crawling around.  With this new found skill you have decided there is no where you won't go!  You are on the move & you will just take yourself wherever you'd like to and get yourself into whatever you want.
- Speaking of getting into things, I have had to start telling you "No."  I don't think you understand yet, because most of the time you will just look at me and smile.  Sometimes you will hesitate before you continue, but I'm thinking this next month you will discover what it means when we say, "No."
- Although your first word was "Ma-ma, " it has quickly become a fleeting thought.  All you say, all day is "Da-da."  And you say it in perfect context.  You know exactly who your Daddy is, and you LOVE him!  Every time you see him your face will light up and you will say, "Da-da-da-da."  I can't be jealous though, because you are way too cute saying it!
- Yesterday we had to lower your crib.  You started pulling yourself up like such a big girl!  With this new skill we had to make sure you were safe and sound in your bed and not able to fall out.
- You are still breastfeeding 5 times a day every 3 & 1/2 hours.  New solids that you've tried this month: oatmeal cereal (not a fan and you don't like rice cereal anymore either), green beans, prunes, butternut squash, carrots, bananas, and now today pears!  You are doing great with all the different types of food that you've been given.
- Several of your "baby" items are no longer needed.  You definitely don't need your bouncer anymore, and we haven't used your bath chair the last few times we've given you a bath.  I think your Bumbo will be the next to go.
- This past Sunday in Bible class your teachers let you sit in a big chair and not in the chair that attaches to the table.  Wow!  Your balance has really gotten good!  They also said that you will pat your Bible just like you are supposed to during the "Bible Song" that they sing.  Such a big girl!
-You have your two bottom teeth in now... who knows, maybe you'll get your "two front teeth" for Christmas!
- Your little tongue has also started to make quit the appearance this month. It's so cute... it just kinda hangs out of your mouth throughout the day.
- You have learned where your bow hangs out (atop your head), and if you notice it there, it will end up around your neck and soon in your mouth!  You love to eat your bows!
- We had to take you to the doctor this month for the first time because you were sick.  You ended up having a cold that turned into a small sinus infection.  You were a trooper, but still pretty fussy while you were sick.  All you wanted to do was cuddle and be held..... I didn't complain about that.
- We are waking you up to eat sometime between 6:45 & 7:30.  You take at least one two our nap a day and tend to catch 2 one hour naps sometime else throughout the day.  You go to sleep sometime between 8:00 and 9:00pm.  Unfortunately you are starting to fall asleep in my arms less and less... you are mainly wanting to just lay in your bed and drift off to sleep on your own.
- You are still wearing 6-9 month clothes & size 2 shoes.
- Your little wave that you learned last month has almost turned into a little nervous tick.  You will just wave and wave.  Sometimes at the "right time," but most of the time just randomly when you are happy and looking around.  It's SO cute!  I love it!

Preslee Ray, I can't believe how much you have grown up this last month!  You are just growing and learning new skills every day it seems like!  I love watching you pull yourself around.  It's so fun to see what catches your eye and what you want to "get."  You are such a happy baby and always full of smiles!  I pray that you will continue to light up a room the older you get... that the light about you will be because you know and follow Christ.  I pray you will grow into a relationship with HIM and decide one day to be baptized into HIS name and proclaiming HIS kingdom forever.  You are my sweet and precious little girl and words can't even begin to explain the immense love that I have for you.  You are my daughter and for that I will be forever grateful to my LORD for entrusting you with me.  I love you Preslee Ray. 

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