Monday, November 17, 2014


So let's just all disregard that last blog post about Preslee being 7 months old.... because she's NOT!

Ummm... I guess when you have three kids you get their birthdays mixed up.

Because she wasn't born on the 15th-- Sawyer was born on the 15th.

Preslee was born on the 23rd.

No wonder it seemed like I was writing that post so quickly after her last one.... because it was sooner than I was supposed to.

So here is to another week of having a 6 month old.... and I'll just update that last post and repost it again on Sunday.... when Preslee is actually 7 months old.

P.S.  For the record, Lantz didn't correct me.  I guess he got confused to.  So I guess we are both guilty of switching their birthdays... So sorry Preslee.  

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  1. I've seen the comments on the Facebook link to this blog post: Sarah Stirman is RIGHT. Dates and such become fuzzy when there are more urgent survival matters to attend to.
    Ex: When we had 2 kids, I didn't even have to write anything down. I could remember doctor's appointments, which kid liked which snack, and that little toy that got left here last week when Becky and Sally were over to play, needs to go back to Becky's, not Sally's, house.
    Then, I remember it quite distinctly: after I had 4 kids, one day I looked at the calendar and saw "Dr. Burton, 2p." And I had NO idea which kid I was supposed to take the Doctor. You would THINK it'd be sorta obvious, because either someone is sick, or it's time for someone's yearly well-visit. But noooooo.... I had to call the Doctor's office and ask them which child I was supposed to show up with the next day.
    Don't worry. If they know you love them, they'll still think you're a great mom, anyway.