Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer 2014

So even though the blog has been a little quiet this summer it doesn't mean it's been quiet around here!  Summer has been one big crazy blur, but filled with lots of fun and memories. Here is a big picture of what we've been up to this summer with the youth group, family, & just every day!

Our summer started with swim lessons & Kennedie's 4th birthday!  Check out previous blogs to read all about those fun adventures.

Then we went to camp Kadesh at ACU with the high school kids.  What an amazing week!  I love that place.  It has challenged me spiritually since I was in high school & continues to do so to this day.  I feel blessed that we get to take teens there to grow their own faith, & I feel blessed that Lantz now gets to experience this with me. Here is a picture of our group for the week:

The girls joined Daddy for some "Popsicles in the Park" ministry:

We went to Abilene for Lantz's uncle's funeral and then spent some time with cousins:
I think they had fun, because this is what they looked like 2 minutes after we got in the car on the drive home  that weekend:

Preslee went to Bible class for the first time & has been there every week that we've been in town:

Love this image Lantz snapped of the girls at Chick-fil-a.  Kennedie is helping Sawyer take her shoes off:

Ummm... we played.... A.LOT. (I know that's not a word.) The girls have really been into Barbies lately.

Kennedie has taken her big sister responsibilities very seriously and been so sweet teaching Preslee Ray different Bible stories:

I turned 31 (Yikes!) and Lantz and I enjoyed a fun lunch date:

We've done some cooking and baking:

We celebrated the 4th of July by going to "Red, White, & Boom":

Lantz took another group to do mission work in Nicaragua. (I'm hoping we can all go next year!):

So blessed to have the most AMAZING sister-in-law EVER-- she came down, and brought my niece with her, and stayed with me while Lantz was in Nicaragua.  The girls may have had the most awesome time ever with their cousin.  They LOVE Mikalie:

We had a play date with Hattie.  Kennedie may have loved having both the little ones to "lead" around:

We all enjoyed some fun "play" time at the new apartment ministry that the teens are helping with on Wednesdays.  This was a fun round of Duck, Duck, Goose that all 3 of my girls and I were playing:

Some of us napped:

We all went to Houston to help an inner city Impact church with their all day/all summer VBS.  The girls had an amazing time & made tons of new friends:

We all went on the Senior Trip to Camp Eagle.  This year was very special for us, because we have been group leaders for this grade since they were in 8th grade.  They hold a special place in my heart & we had a great time together.  Our 3 girls did great going with the flow for those few days! Here is one picture from the trip-- it's of me & two of our sweet senior girls when we were hiking one day.  The others are all on the Go-Pro & haven't been uploaded yet:

We got to go swimming a handful of times this summer.  One time some sweet friends let us use their pool while they were on vacation.  Here are some pictures of our fearless girls jumping from the diving board & of all of us enjoying some time in the sun:

This past weekend we "ended" our summer with a bang at our annual Labor Day Retreat, Jump.  It was so much fun & such a great spiritually enhancing weekend with our teens.  On Saturday afternoon we had a fun color run (not really a run-- obstacle course/ mud pit).  I think the adults had just as much fun as the teens.  Here's a picture of Lantz and me with our seniors, then the whole group, then the two of us:

One word that I would use to describe this summer would be "whirlwind."  Between adding sweet Preslee into the mix this year, working on our house, and all the youth trips-- it was a busy time, but a completely blessed time.  What fun memories we made this summer!  God is so good!

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