Sunday, August 24, 2014

Preslee is 4 Months Old

I mean I can hardly stand this adorable 4 month cuteness up above!  Seriously!  I feel like this last month has just FLOWN by! Sweet Preslee Ray turned 4 months old yesterday.  I know I say it all the time, but I wish that time could just pause for just a minute or two longer to let me soak up this baby time.  The "infant" time just flew by & now here are are at the full blown "baby" phase!  So crazy!  But to say that I feel incredibly blessed would be a huge understatement.

Darling Little Ray:

- I have loved, loved, loved the way that you have been interacting this month.  You are so much fun! You will respond to the noises we make and the toys we give you.  One of my favorite things was that for about 3 weeks you would laugh every time I undressed you.  You just thought it was the funniest thing when I would pull your little arms out of your clothes and pull your shirt or dress off of your head.  It made my smile and laugh to see you get such a kick out of it.  I'm sad to say that this phase has already left, but so grateful for the sweet memories that I will cherish of you giggling as I changed you.
- You are still loving to be held and cuddled.  It seems this month you have noticed more when you are in your bouncer or on a pallet as opposed to in someones arms & sometimes you will let us know when you just need to be held.  I especially love sneaking in a nap here and there with you cuddled up in my arms.  So sweet.
- You are still sleeping great.  Going to bed sometime around 9:30-10:30 and us getting you up sometime between 7:00- 7:45 for your first feeding.  You catch cat naps throughout the day, but will generally take a longer nap when your big sisters go down for their nap. Right now you are napping in the bouncer or on a pallet on the floor in Mommy's room, or on Mommy's chest.  I think we'll soon try to do at least one nap in your crib before too long.
- I'm not sure how big you are at this point.  We go to the doctor on Tuesday and so we'll find out your stats then. I'm going to guess you are about 14 pounds  & 26 inches long.  We'll see though!
- Speaking of size, you are still in your 0-3 month clothing, but I think this week I'll be packing those clothes up and getting down your 3-6 month clothes.  You are getting bigger!
- You are still throwing up after almost every feeding.  Sometimes it's just a little spit up here and there, but more often than not, someone ends up wearing your throw up-- normally it's me followed y you in a close second.  We originally thought that you throwing up was connected to me eating dairy, but even after cutting dairy out you still throw up more than your sisters ever did.  But it does seem like you throw up even more after I have dairy.  So, we are not sure.  I'm still avoiding dairy so I don't wear your vomit, but I'm just not so sure it's actually doing much good.
- You are still eating 6 times a day-- every 3 hours.  I think you could go longer, and I could drop you to 5 feedings a day, but I just selfishly don't want to do that yet and you seem perfectly content and ready to eat after 3 hours.
- I love your BIG open mouth smiles!  When you get SUPER happy you just smile with your whole face & your mouth is wide open with your eyes just glistening!
- You have started facial recognition this month and sometimes when someone is holding you that you are less familiar with you will cry and get fussy (maybe just scared), and then when I get you you'll stop.  Talk about melting my heart! (You will also get excited to see Daddy too! It's fun to watch you just gawk over him!)  I love that sometimes it just takes me holding you to stop crying.  I know as life progresses and things happen to upset you it won't be as simple as just holding you in my arms.
- This past few weeks you have definitely preferred to be sitting up looking around as opposed to being held like a baby in a laying position.  You are ready to check out the world around you & not just look at the person holding you.
- This month you have starting sitting in your Bumbo chair for short amounts of time.  Not too long because your neck isn't strong enough to hold you up for much past 10 minutes or so.
- Your eyes seem to currently be a dark blue but more grey color.  Wonder what color they will eventually be!
- You are really starting to laugh and smile at your big sisters.  You love to watch them play & you love it when they interact with you, but what you don't love is when they hold you.  Typically you will get fussy within a minute or so of one of your big sisters holding you.  It is cute how you do enjoy watching them though.

My precious Preslee Ray, I do with I could bottle a little of this time up and come back to it just to be reminding of all your sweet little baby softness.  You are gentle and very much an observer.  I love to watch you watching the world.  You are a true Ray of light in my world, and I pray that you can be a light in this world for our King Jesus.  I pray that you will always know how much I love you, but most importantly who that great love flows from... our Lord.  I will always love you sweet girl.  Thanks for lighting up my life! I love you so much! 

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  1. So so precious. You are blessed and I know you understand that you are. Love you and yours