Saturday, August 16, 2014


Just for fun-- here are some of the girls in the same outfits around the same age....

Do you know which one is which?  Same dress, same age......???  It's in their birth order- Kennedie, Sawyer Sue, Preslee Ray.  I think that each of them have similar characteristics, but I think Preslee definitely favors Kennedie here.

Okay here we go again in a dress that I wore when I was little.....
What do you think? I didn't do as good on this one as far as keeping the background & bows the same..... It's Sawyer, Preslee, Kennedie.

Next one is from when each of the girls were barely able to sit in the Bumbo.  I love this outfit.  It's one of my favorites.  All of my girls have worn it & worn it quit a bit.  It's one of my go to rompers.  I just love the fun colors!
Guesses?  Look at those sweet little faces.  So precious.  From left to right..... Sawyer, Preslee, Kennedie.

And now the best one yet.  This is so awesome because it's a little red dress from when I was a baby, & even better- there is a picture of me in it too.  This dress has seen some years!
It makes me so happy to see this because I love the idea of 4 girls.  Yes, that's right- 4!  (No, I am not pregnant.)  Praying that another little girl will one day get to wear this red dress.

So who do you think looks like who?  It's a shame I don't have a picture of Lantz in the little red dress as a baby! Ha!

This was all just for fun!  Thanks for playing!

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