Friday, July 11, 2014

Sawyer's Sayings

Over the past few months Sawyer has really started to say some funny things!  She has her own little language for certain things, and I love it.  It makes my heart happy to hear her little words.  I have to document some of the cuteness!

"Morning Day Mommy"  -- She says this when she wakes up from sleeping-- both in the morning and after naps.  I think it's her way of asking if it's time to get up.  Is it a new morning?  Is it daytime?  She says it while laying in her bed stirring around.  I love being greeted in the mornings to this sweet question!

"Daddy dot it." -- This is her answer for everything.  If I ask if she needs a new diaper, or if I can help her put her shoes on, or if I can rock her.  No, it's always, "Daddy dot it."  Meaning she wants Daddy to do it.  I love that she loves her Daddy.

"My dot it!" & "Sawyer dot it!" -- Sawyer wants to do a lot of things for herself these day.... especially open the door.  She is very adamant about being the one to open the door... all doors.  She also gets very mad if she isn't the one to open the doors & will throw a fit.  She is our little bellman!

"No want to." -- I hear this several times through out the day, especially around nap time, bedtime, and clean up time.  This little girl is vocal about what she doesn't want to do.  This saying also comes in a very whiney voice most of the time.

"Honey butter." -- Another thing I just LOVE to hear her say.  It's just a totally Sawyer thing.  It's her way of saying peanut butter.

"Pepper cheese."  --- This started out as macaroni and cheese.  I think because she wanted pepper on it once.  Then all of the sudden this is what she has called all pasta.... and rice.  It's all "pepper cheese" to her.  It's precious, but sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what she is trying to reference when she says it.

"Hel-a-ment." -- Elephant.  Sawyer sleeps with a little stuffed elephant.  It's really hard to understand her when she asks for her "helament," but typically she is crying and wanting it to comfort her.

"My Dod!" --- Meaning "My God." Sawyer says this when she wants to pray.  She says it in terms of "I want to pray."

"Jesus Water." -- This may be my absolute favorite thing that my sweet girl says.  "Jesus Water" is in reference to someone getting baptized.  I was explaining baptism to her one day by telling her that the person was going into the water to come out new, that they were saying that they loved God and Jesus with their whole heart and that they wanted to follow Jesus forever, that Jesus was their King and that they were going to listen and obey God & Jesus and that they will be with God & Jesus for eternity.  Well from that dialogue came "Jesus Water."  She will reference "Jesus Water" quit a bit and will ask if people have been baptized by using someones name and then the phrase "Jesus Water." For example, "Bob, Jesus Water?"  I love that my girl is already Kingdom focused.

These are just a few sayings that are 100% Sawyer Sue.  I needed to write them down for my time capsule to remember.... to know the little things that are so sweet.  I know that each day my little girl grows up more and more and I'm hoping by having these written down it's a way I can "save" my itty bitty toddler who is learning to  use words.

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