Saturday, July 26, 2014

Preslee is 3 Months Old

Three days ago marked sweet Preslee Ray turning 3 months old.  It's so crazy that my itty-bitty is already out of the "newborn" phase.  So sad, & yet each stage is always so much fun.  It feels like this sweet little girl has been with us forever.... she is so much apart of our family and we all love and adore her so much.  She is nothing but amazing!  Here are a few things about our Preslee:

Baby Ray:

- You take after your big sister Sawyer in that you like to cuddle.  You love to be held and you especially love it when you get to sneak a nap in with Mommy all cuddled up on her chest.  {I'm not going to lie-- I LOVE it & treasure every precious second!}
- Speaking of sleeping, you are still doing great!  You nap randomly throughout the day, but you will go down around 10:00pm and I'll wake you for your first feeding about 7:30am.  You, my girl, are such an easy one to go down.  You will finish your last feeding, I will change your diaper, then I will swaddle you up, hold you in my arms, and walk you to your room singing David Crowder's "How He Love Us," then lay you in your bed {you are typically awake smiling at me}, and you just fall asleep all on your own without any fussing.  Such a sweet little bed time routine we share together.
- You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes, but will probably move into some 3-6 month clothes soon.
-  Lately you have been putting your hands in your mouth... especially your thumb!  I'm trying very hard to pull that thumb out of your mouth every time I see you sucking it.  I'm hoping that it does not become a habit.
- While we are talking about hands.... you have also started to figure out how they work-- how to reach for something and grip ahold of it.  You by no means have conquered the task, but you are trying.
- You are still pretty content sitting in your bouncer watching all the action with your big sisters or watching Mommy & Daddy cook or do some house chores.
- One of the best things ever is to hear your sweet little laugh!  You have laughed a couple of different times & it was just the sweetest thing ever.
- You are also finding your voice more and more & starting to make different noises and sounds.  Super precious!
- You are still breastfeeding great! 6 feedings a day about 3 hours apart.
- Mommy is still avoiding milk products to try to keep you from spitting up/throwing up.
- You went on your first mission trip this past week.  You went to Houston and helped Mommy at Impact working with inner-city kids to show them the love of Jesus Christ.
- Speaking of Impact, coming home in the car was not so much fun with you.  You kept getting mad about being in the carseat.  You got so mad at one point that you were screaming so much you threw up.  I think you got so mad because you were used to being held ALL.WEEK.LONG and you couldn't understand why you were all by yourself in your carseat.
- This month you started rolling onto your sides.  We'll lay you on your back and occasionally you'll just make your way onto your side.  So fun!
- Currently your eyes are a very deep dark blue & they are gorgeous when they light up as you smile.
- Over the past few weeks your hair has started to sprout up on the top into a pointy little spike like "Alfalfa."  It makes me laugh every time I see it!

My darling little "Ray,"  you are such a sweet and precious little baby girl.  My heart hurts thinking about how much I love you.  Sometimes I just stare at you & think about how blessed I am to have been chosen to be your Mommy.  You are such an amazing little baby.  I love how you remind me of God's love for me daily.  My prayer is that as you grow bigger you'll also grow in your love and knowledge of God our Father & Jesus.  May you learn to trust in HIM with all your heart and be a radical follower of Jesus.  I pray that where my love is insufficient HIS will overflow to you.  I love you more than I can ever tell you sweet girl.  

Napping on the floor in her pretty dress that Bee made:

Love these next ones.... the many smiles of Preslee:

And the hands in the mouth.....

Hand in mouth & "Alfalfa" hair:

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