Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Picture Dump....

So here are a few random pictures for you from Lantz's phone & then just some I've found on the computer that I haven't shared yet.....

Here is our last picture as a family of 4.... it's a selfie & I adore it:

Here was a picture from Preslee's first trip to the doctor... the big girls loved showing their sister off:

Here are some from Mother's Day.  Kennedie made me a cross at school and a necklace in Bible class, Sawyer made me a paper in Bible class, they both got me a red rose from worship, Preslee got me some sweet little happy faces, and then they got me a dress up doll Mother's Day card (not pictured):

Here is a picture of Papa & Nana getting to meet Preslee for the first time.  They didn't get to come to the hospital to meet her & they had to wait a few weeks because Papa got sick & they didn't want to get her sick.  So here they are getting their first set of snuggles with her:

Because sometimes you need to rake the leaves in your birthday suit..... silly Sawyer!

The big girls still love playing with their baby dolls.  We are a baby doll loving family around here!  Don't worry, Preslee isn't stuck in there somewhere!

Here is a picture from the girls first bath together as sisters.  You can see what Preslee thought about it:

Here are the girls in their Easter dresses & you can see that Bee made Preslee one to match... so sweet!

I LOVE that my girls all love each other.  Such a sweet little bond that they already have with each other.

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