Saturday, June 21, 2014

Preslee's First Week

Bringing Preslee "home" {to my parents} was such an adventure the first week or so.  Especially because we weren't in our own casa yet.  It happened to work out pretty great though, because while Lantz was over working on the new house there was always an extra set of hands ready to help.  And boy did I need it!  3 little girls are super fun, but loads of work!  Luckily when Heather left town, Lantz's mom came into town.  That's right, we were living with my parents, and then my mother-in-law came to stay with us to help out too! So we had double grandparent loving happening that first week and a half!

Here are a few random pictures:

I tried taking some pictures of all the girls for fun one day.  Nothing "serious." We were just outside enjoying the nice spring day....

Of course Kennedie wanted to show off her big sister skills and hold Preslee:

And Preslee may as well go ahead and get used to being the baby sister....... cause this will probably be how it's going to go down from here on out:
Didn't even know she did that until after I loaded the pictures on the camera! Ha!

And of course here is what Sawyer thought of taking pictures that day:

That's okay.... she's still a cutie pie:

She looks so big here:

Preslee had her first bath at "home," and of course it was done by Daddy.  He always gets the honor of doing the first bath.  I love that he has given all three of our girls their first baths.  Preslee wasn't so sure about it at first, but then she seemed to really like it:

We had Preslee on a Wednesday evening and were released to go home on Thursday night.  We took Preslee to church for the first time on Sunday.  We couldn't wait to show her off and it was also Senior Sunday so we wanted to give all of "our" big kids plenty of loving & let them know how proud we are of them & their accomplishment.  Here is Preslee all dolled up in her going home outfit again for church Sunday morning {although we skipped the bonnet because her head was kinda big for it}:

And I love this almost smile.....

And we were blessed that Binky (Lantz's mom) was in town and got to go to church with us too for the first time (just like Sawyer).  Here is one of the first pictures of Binky & Preslee together after church:

And you know I couldn't resist a photo op with my new little beauty:

And then Daddy came home & we had to get one of the three of us.  (The big girls were already down for a nap, so we missed the photo op for the family of 5 picture.)

The next day I took Preslee Ray's newborn pictures at our new house.  I'm so incredibly grateful that Brenda was there to help out some with the process & to watch the big girls.  It was a a beast!  I so admire newborn photographers.  Ugh!  So not my gig!  But I'm happy with how they turned out & I'm excited I was able to capture that little itty-bitty newborness of my girl.  This is where I should show you some pictures, but I've got the birth announcements sitting in a stack waiting for me to address them, so you'll just have to wait until I get those in the mail.  :) And plus I have a few more that need some editing.

And finally here I am at 41 weeks with child.....

It's amazing the difference one week can make!  I love how God just makes all kinds of new room in your heart that you didn't know you even had.... I fall more in love with my sweet girls & my sweet husband every day.


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  2. You may want to check out Dezeree Corvello (Kelly)'s facebook. She is using pictures of your daughter from your blog on her facebook page.

  3. You have a beautiful family! Congrats!!