Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hospital Day Two {Preslee}

We got a fair amount of sleep for night one with Preslee considering the whole amniotic fluid ordeal in the middle of the night.  I feel like we were a bit more prepared with the third one since we seemed to know the drill.  One of the first things I did that morning was take a shower & it felt great to get cleaned up.  We were excited to love on our sweet girl & welcome some visitors the next day.  My sister  came by early to get some Preslee love & the three of us snapped a picture together:

And then my grandparents came by to get a look at their new great granddaughter.  Preslee Ray also shares the middle name of not only her grandfather {my dad}, but also her great grandfather {my dad's dad}.

Throughout the day we were so blessed with lots of friends dropping by to say hi and meet Preslee Ray too.  Unfortunately, I didn't get one picture of our friends coming by & holding our precious girl.  Boo! 

I snapped a few pictures of my sweet new baby while we were still in the hospital.  I wanted to document her sweet little squishy-ness of newborn-ness at less than 24 hours old still. 

(Doctors are backwards... Robert is my doctor and Kim Smith is who saw Preslee)

Believe it or not, we were able to go home on our second day.  We were discharged right after Preslee was 24 hours old.  As mentioned in Preslee's birthing story post, we had them measure her again before we left, because her legs were kinda squished up some and not straight when they measured her.  So, the second measurement was 21 & 1/2 inches-- which Lantz believes to be the most accurate, but everything "official" says 19.5".

One of my most favorite things ever is the little outfit that we brought Preslee home in.  It was the same outfit that I wore home from the hospital.  It's so special, because my dad picked it out especially for me.  My parents didn't know if they were having a boy or girl, so once I arrived and the found out I was a girl, dad left the hospital and went and picked out a sweet little pink gown and matching bonnet to bring me home in.  Mom looked for it when I had Kennedie, but couldn't find it.  My aunt had it packed up at her house, and when my cousin had her baby girl it was discovered in her girl clothes.  Anyways, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she got to go home in the same outfit as me.  It's especially sweet that the man she is named after picked it out.  How special! Here are some pictures of her before we took her "home":

We didn't really get to bring her "home"..... just to my parents house since Lantz was still working on our house.  Either way, it was such a special day & such a blessing to have the Lord add to our family! 

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