Sunday, June 22, 2014

Baby Blessing

The second Sunday that we got to bring Preslee to church with us was very special.  It was the Sunday that we got to have her baby blessing.  It was so special to have our elders pray over us as a family and also our new daughter that we may commit to raising her to know and love the Lord.  Here is a picture of us that Lantz's mom snapped while we were on stage together:

Funny store about that snack trap that Sawyer is holding..... when they called us up, my mom tried to take it from Sawyer, and she SCREAMED & started to have a huge melt down right there while everyone was looking at us and we were being called to the stage.  It wasn't the newborn who started crying, but the two year old.  Needless to say we did what any good parent would, and gave her back her snack trap.

Speaking of Sawyer, it was also a special Sunday, because Sawyer got to change classes.  She moved from the nursery class to a big girl Bible class.  Here she is sitting with her friends and playing play-doh before class started:

It was an eventful and completely blessed Sunday!

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