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Preslee Ray's Birth Story

The day we met Preslee Ray.....

We had to be at the hospital at 5:00am on Wednesday, April 23rd.  Well, I guess we should back up a little. I chose to deliver Sawyer at Allen Presbyterian Hospital because they were one of the few hospitals in the state who does cord blood donations.  I had a good experience, nothing amazing and nothing too horrid- although the anesthesiologist messed up my epidural and I had to have a second one.  When talking about delivering Preslee we decided that we'd deliver at the new Baylor McKinney hospital because Allen was on hold doing cord blood donations.  So we registered at Baylor and were set to induce there on April 23rd- Preslee's due date.

Well, when we were scheduling our version to flip Preslee from the breech position, Baylor was full so we had to go to Allen.  While checking in I learned that they started doing cord blood donations again, and that made me think about switching back to Allen to deliver.  I had a horrible IV experience with the version, but I had super sweet nurses and Ken, the anesthesiologist, did such a great job on my spinal.  I was so nervous about another epidural miss that I asked Ken if he happened to be working on April 23rd.  When we learned that he was, I decided that I'd go ahead and deliver in Allen since Ken knew my history and did a clean spinal shot on me.  Also, one of the sweet nurses was working that day too.  

So, we had to be at Allen Presbyterian at 5:00am to get all the paper work done and get hooked up to get the petocin going.  This time I had an awesome nurse who heard the history of how they butchered both my arms trying to get my IV in for the version and so she gave me some lidocaine and I didn't feel a thing which was a huge relief!  They started my petocin and it was pretty slow go.  I took a nap.  Sometime around 10:00 my doctor came in to check my progress and ask a favor.  She wanted to slow the process down some and not break my water until a little later so she could surprise her daughter and make an appearance at her field trip.  Being a mother myself I know how important it is to be present at my girls' activities, so I told her that was fine.  She phoned my nurse after 1 to let her know she was on her way back and to strengthen my petocin some.  Up until this point I hadn't felt anything.

The rest of the story is a bit of a blur.  I'm kinda having a hard time remembering what came first-- it's all running together.  At some point I started having a bit more pain & decided to go ahead and get the epidural (partly to get it over with because I was dreading it and doubting Ken's ability to have 2 successes).  Well, Ken came in and did a great job.  It still hurt going in, but at least it was only once & not twice.  {I think I got my epidural before they broke my water.}  But soon my doctor came in and she broke my water to get things moving more & then headed down the hall for surgery because she had a c-section to perform that day in that hospital.  

In the middle of all of that- sometime after they upped my petocin & I got the epidural I started getting really sick.  I was dry heaving and just felt awful.  Also in the middle of that my mom came in with the girls and they told me they had a surprise in the hall and they had to go get it.  They brought my sister back in!  I was so excited to see her (although she probably couldn't tell because I was laying there sick out of my mind & acting totally unenthusiastic)!  It was so sweet of her to drive all the way down from Little Rock to be at the birth.  How awesome was that?  Also, she brought little Preslee 2 new blankets, a new bow, and a cute little onesie.  So fun!

Soon after my water broke my nurse was in my room monitoring the situation and all of the sudden she kinda got a look of panic and started moving me around and then called in some more nurses.  Soon I had like 7 or 8 people in the room.  Preslee's heart rate started dropping and they were calling my doctor (who was in surgery) to prep for a c-section.  She had them call another doctor in the practice to prepare to come up ASAP.  They started rolling me around and moving me to different positions because apparently when I was laying in certain positions her heart responded differently.  They kept trying to stabilize her heart rate.  I got very nervous.  I was super sick and I just remember asking if she was okay.  I didn't care about anything but making sure Preslee was okay.  At that moment I could have cared less about whether or not I was going to have a c-section-- I just wanted my baby girl to be okay.  

Praise God!  They were eventually able to get her heart rate to stabilize.  They decided to slow everything back down since they felt that the mix of more petocin, the epidural, and the water breaking may have been a little too much too quickly for Preslee.  So, again, they slowed everything back down.  Which was totally fine with me.  I just wanted my baby girl to be safe.  I was super sick the rest of the time-- dry-heaving and just crazy nauseous.  Around 7:15 I started pushing, which was very difficult just because I was SO sick to my stomach.  I was super sick during labor with Kennedie also, but not so much with Sawyer.  

Finally at 7:37 we got to meet our third daughter & our third little blessing from our Lord.  It was an absolutely beautiful moment-- just like when we got to meet our other two girls.  Unlike our other two, Preslee didn't come out screaming- which worried me, but the doctor said she was great & breathing-- just relaxed.  They immediately put her up on my chest and started cleaning her up.  Soon I got her to latch on (she did great!), and started breastfeeding.  

We had to wait a little while before we could bring the girls in to meet Preslee because it took awhile longer for my placenta to deliver.  We were just sitting and waiting.  With the other two girls I delivered my placenta super fast, but this one took awhile.  That's okay though- we got lots of snuggle time with our new sweetheart.

It was so fun to introduce Preslee to Kennedie and Sawyer.  Here are the girls meeting their new baby sister:

Walking into the room ready to meet baby sister:

Kennedie was so excited and walked right up ready to say hi:

Sawyer was a little bit unsure of the situation and stayed back to observe for a second:

Getting a better look:

Big Sister Kennedie holding Preslee:

Big Sister Sawyer holding baby Preslee:

First family of FIVE picture:

After that we let family come in to meet our sweet little girl:
Aunt Feather

Preslee "Ray" & her name sake, Cowboy, Michael "Ray"


They took Preslee's measurements: 7 pounds & 15ounces & they measured her at 19& 1/2 inches..... although if you look closely below Preslee's little legs are not straightened out.  Lantz did not feel that was an accurate measurement.  We had them re-measure her the next day before we left & they measured her at 21 & 1/2 inches, but everything "official" say's 19 & 1/2 inches. 

The girls got in a few more snuggles before saying bye to their new sister for the night:

Then everyone left and it was just the three of us.  We were prepared for a rough first night.  Kennedie and Sawyer both gave us a run for our money the first night and we barely got any sleep.  However, I feel like Miss Preslee was pretty quiet.  She woke up to eat, but she didn't cluster feed every 30 minutes or anything (like Sawyer), or she didn't cry when we sat her down (like Kennedie).  She is already her own person & not like her sisters.  

But during the night I noticed that she was spitting up quit a bit and almost gagging on it and making funny noises.  Apparently she swallowed too much of the amniotic fluid.  They had to stick a tube down her to suck it out.  They did that twice and quit a bit came up.  During all of that mess (I think around 4am) they decided to go ahead and give her an "official" bath since we had to change her clothes anyways from them having spit up from the amniotic fluid all over it.  

Here are a few pictures from her first bath:

Overall we were really impressed with how much sleep we were able to get with this sweet little girl. She just wasn't much of a cryer, but she did keep spitting up amniotic fluid which made me a little nervous since my other girls didn't do that.  

We were just so excited to meet our sweet girl & we praise God for how HE again took care of our precious girl.  HE is so good & all praise & honor be unto HIM.

I'll post some pictures from the rest of the hospital stay soon. 

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