Saturday, May 24, 2014

Preslee is 1 Month Old

I can't even believe that it's already been one month since we brought home our sweet Preslee Ray.  If I thought that time went by fast with 2 kids, it seems to fly by with 3.  I find myself soaking in as many snuggles as possible because time isn't standing still that's for sure. I'm just so thankful for this beautiful blessing that God has given to our family.  Here's a little bit about this last month:

Sweet Little Preslee:
- We took you into the doctor when you were two days old because you kept spitting up clear fluid and we were concerned that you were still trying to get the amniotic fluid out of your system.  You were spitting it up over and over.  Turns out you were fine, just spitting up the colostrum.  You have been a much bigger spitter-upper than your sisters.  When we went in at 2 days old you were weighing in at 7lbs & 5.5oz(39%) and they measured you at 20 & 1/2"(79%) {who knows how long you really were-- 3 different measurements in 2 days} and head circumference of 14" (63%).
- On your 3rd and 4th night you decided to cluster feed all night long.  You kept getting up almost every 30- 45 minutes ready to eat again.  Thankfully that only lasted a few nights and then you were only getting up 3 times in the middle of the night to eat.
-As stated previously, you definitely spit up much more than your sisters ever did... and in some cases it's way more than spit-up, it's definitely more of a vomit.  At first I thought you might be kinda colic-y, but you are always very happy and it's not every feeding that you spit up.  I think I've got it narrowed down to either you eating too much at times, or it may be when I eat cheese.  I'm still trying to figure out what I eat and how it effects you. The first week and a half it was very hard for me to sleep at night because I was so afraid that when I laid you down you'd choke on your spit up.  You would make these little noises that scared me and I'd jump out of bed.  Praise God that nothing happened and that you seem to be past that.
- At around a week and a half old you started getting a bad rash.  We figured out that it was from the fabric softener on your clothes.
- You are a really good eater.  I have no problems with you latching on and you getting your fill.  I'm also able to pump quit a bit right now, and if needed, you'll take a bottle (with breast milk).
- Speaking of eating good, you also have very good bowl movements.  I think every diaper I change of yours is poopy. It seems like you are constantly pooping.
- You are currently eating about every 3 hours during the day.  At night you will typically take your last feeding of the day sometime between 10:30-11:30 and then I'm waking you up to feed you sometime between 5 and 6.  So, you are already sleeping a good 6 hours at night, and have been for about a week now!  So awesome!  I know I probably shouldn't wake you up, but it still makes me a bit nervous with you still being so young and also I want to keep my milk supply up for you.
- During the day your naps are not very consistent.  You will sometimes eat and stay awake until your next feeding or you'll eat and go right to sleep until your next feeding.  It's still pretty random during the day.
- I'm thinking sometime over the next few weeks we'll have to put the newborn clothes up and get down the 0-3 month clothing.  Things are starting to get a bit tighter on you.
- When you went in for your 2 weeks check up you were 8lbs & 13.5oz (65%) and 21 & 1/2" (87%) and your head circumference was 14 & 1/2" (69%).  So at that point you had already gained almost one pound from birth-- and who knows about your length?
- Your eyes are very dark right now still.  It's hard to say if they are a  "color" yet.  Your sisters both had blue eyes at this point, so I'm wondering if you'll be a much darker eye color since yours already are darker?  We'll see-- they change so much.
- Your hair is straight and dark right now.  You have much more hair down the back of your head and on the top middle.  It kinda looks like a receding hair line right now!
- Your skin tone seems much darker than either one of your sisters.  We'll see if that sticks around.
- You are sharing a room with your two big sisters and you guys are all doing great together!  So far you all three are sleeping through each other's noises.  You went into the girl room and out of Daddy & Mommy's room at 2 weeks old exactly.
- You are semi- swaddled at night in your sleep sack that you got from the hospital.  You like to have your body wrapped up tight, but your arms out and free to move around.
- You take after Sawyer a little in a sense that you will take FOREVER to burp sometimes.  Sometimes I give up after 30 minutes of trying, and it never fails that you will spit up or throw up at some point if I didn't get you to burp.
- You will take your elephant Wubba-Nub pacifier some during the day if you get fussy. You don't need it for sleeping though.  It helps if you are a little upset though.
- I've noticed that your eyes already seem to be producing tears.  It's so sad to see the little water in your eyes when you are mad.
- Over the last few days I've already noticed that you are much more aware and it seems like you are really trying to take in your surroundings.  You will also smile much more frequently... mostly random, but sometimes it seems like you are intentionally doing it when I talk to you. ;) And you've also started to try to move your hands and hit somethings hanging on your play mat.  So impressive that you seem to already be working on your hand eye coordination.
- I will try to stand you up, and a few times you will put a little weight on your legs.  I think you know that they are there, but not sure about it.

My precious Preslee Ray, you truly are a ray of sunlight in  my life.  My heart is overflowing with love for you.  You captivated me from the first moment I learned about you, and I've done nothing but fall more and more in love with you each day.  I love to hold you and just stare at you.  I know that time goes by too fast and I am trying to truly soak in each and every little moment that I have with you at this little newborn phase. I feel so incredibly blessed that the Lord picked me to be your Mommy.... what an awesome thing!  It's so sweet to watch your big sisters gawk over you.  It makes my heart smile to see the three of you together.  I know that you will all be the best of friends and that you'll all have a special bond.  Sweet little girl, I love you so much. 

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  1. Such a precious note to precious message about your baby girl and to her. Love your blogs. You are an amazing mommy. Love ya