Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Picnic, Egg Dying, & Tuff

This year we of course were living at my parents house during Easter-- which meant that all the fun Easter events were held in the county.

Before dying Easter eggs we decided we'd pull the little table & chairs outside for a picnic.  Here are the girls enjoying lunch:

LOVE the next picture of Sawyer.  She will sit like this all on her own very frequently.  It's so cute & all her:

Next it was time for the Easter dying activities to begin.  Lucky for me we had Bee (my mom) & Baba (my mom's mom) there to help with the fun! I thought getting a sponge painting kit would be easier for the girls rather than the whole vinegar water-dip & dye egg kit.  Well, it was easier I guess, but it was a pain trying to get it off their fingers- especially for Easter the next day! (P.S. You'll get a good look at my HUGE belly at almost 40 weeks & my no make-up, husband's tee shirt wearing self!)

We had such a fun afternoon, but again- all that sponge paint was hard to get off!

Late that night we were blessed to have a surprise visitor.  My cousin Brandon and his wife Sara came into town last minute.  We were so lucky to get to visit with them for a little while.  They were pregnant with a little boy.  She was supposed to deliver about 6 weeks after me, but little Tuff Cole Farrar decided to make his debut about 5 weeks early- just in time for Mother's Day.

Here are Sara & I with our bumps- Tuff Cole & Preslee Ray:

I love Sara so much!  I'm so glad that we are family.  Brandon & Sara are those family members that you just wished lived closer because you know that you'd be best of buds.  They are awesome & Lantz & I treasure the short little times we get to spend with them.  I hope that Tuff & Preslee will love each other as much as we love Brandon & Sara!

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