Monday, May 19, 2014

My Sidekick

So this whole school year Kennedie has been in school on Tuesdays & Thursdays and Sawyer has been my sidekick on those days.  I can tell that she has missed having her sister around  on those two days, but it's really been nice to have some one on one time with my sweet second daughter.  We run errands, sometimes go to the library together, go to ladies Bible class together, go on lunch dates, and just play.  It's been so fun.

One thing Sawyer started saying that was so cute was, "'Mon."  It was short for c'mon.  Apparently I tell her to c'mon quit a bit and she started picking it up.  It is so cute.  She'll hold out her little hand and open and close it and say, "Mon Mommy."  Oh,  I could just eat her up it is so cute!  At this point in time we had moved into my parents house and when we'd go upstairs to get ready for bed she'd climb up the stairs and stop every few steps and open and close her hands and say, "Mon Mommy," or "Mon, Daddy," or "Mon Bee," even if we were right behind her.  She also started the "Why?" questioning.  Except that Sawyer's "why" was in a very distinct voice.  It would start in a very low voice and then get high, and it was very loud.  "WHHYY-eeee?"  So funny!

Here are some of my silly girl:

Love her so much!

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