Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Belly Bump & Version Story

So at 37 weeks pregnant I found out that Miss Preslee was breech.  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty upset by this.  I had never had a c-section and really didn't want to have one this go around either.  I was so blessed that my doctor suggest trying a version.  It's where the doctor actually physically pushes the baby around on the outside of the stomach.  I am grateful for Dr. Robert actually suggesting this, because apparently a lot of doctors will not even do this and just go straight to having a c-section.

We set the appointment up for the following week for the version.  In between that week I did everything that I could to try to "flip" the baby myself.  I prayed a lot about it, did different yoga poses, walked a ton, laid upside down on a tilted ironing board, talked to Preslee about flipping, and went to the Senior Citizen Center to swim laps and do flips & handstands in the pool.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous.... a 37 week pregnant woman doing flips & handstands.  I laugh at myself at how silly I probably appeared.  Oh, well, I was trying.

Unfortunately, all my flips didn't pay off, but luckily, we still had one more hope- the version.  The version was scheduled for the day I was 38 weeks pregnant.  I'm not going to lie, it was a little more intense than I expected it to be.  We actually had to go into the hospital with our bags packed as if we were having the baby.  If anything went wrong {my water broke in the process, or the Preslee's heart rate dropped} we'd have to have an emergency c-section.  It made me a little nervous, because I was trying to avoid a c-section, but my doctor said that she had never had that happen & that it was rare.

So we had to check into the hospital, Lantz had to put on scrubs & I had to get an IV and a spinal.  I had to get a spinal because if we happened to have an emergency c-section I would be ready to go.  I was pretty upset about the spinal, because with both Sawyer & Kennedie the anesthesiologist messed up my epidural and missed and I had to have it done twice.  Luckily Ken, the guy who did the spinal, was awesome & did a great job.

I didn't watch the version.  My job was to just relax.  I was afraid I'd tense up if I watched, so I just looked at the ceiling and listened to David Crowder's "How He Loves Us," and just prayed.  Lantz watched and he said it was super intense and it looked like it hurt.  I wouldn't know though, because I couldn't feel anything.  I feel so blessed, because the version actually worked!!  There was a chance that it wouldn't work, so I'm so grateful that it did.  When my doctor was finished she was sweating because she was pushing around on my so hard (and my doctor is a very fit lady who works out all the time).  She told me that I was probably going to be bruised and hurt for a few days.  Well, she wasn't kidding.  The next day I was definitely bruised on my stomach.  It hurt to touch.

I was surprised that I was in the hospital all day.  I had no idea that we would be there so long.  We didn't get to leave until 8 that night and we had gotten there at like 10 or 11 that morning.  We had to wait for the spinal to wear off so that I could walk safely.

My doctor also let me know that there was a chance that Preslee could flip back to the breech position and if she did then I would just have to have a c-setion.  Thankfully, she stayed put for the last few weeks!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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  1. This gave me chills to read. You are a strong lady!