Friday, May 2, 2014


In case you haven't noticed, I've been MIA on my blog for awhile now.  I wish that wasn't so, because there are so many things to share.  Just a quick note though.  A few months ago we bought a new house (new to us).  It's a 1983 ranch style house & we just fell in love with it.  Well, nothing had been updated since 1983, so we decided to give it a little TLC before we moved in.  We had to be out of our rent house though, so that put us living with my parents (for 6 weeks now).  Not really ideal, but we are grateful that they opened their home to us.  I haven't had internet access, because everyone has a smart phone instead of me, so there have been no blog updates.  I have plenty of pictures on my camera that I can't wait to share though.

In the midst of pretty much gutting the house my sweet Preslee Ray continued to grow.  Last week we were blessed to welcome her into this world.  It's crazy how fast a week goes by.  She is such an amazing baby..... so docile and laid back.  My heart feels as though it could explode with love for her already.  God is so good to bless me with three amazing, beautiful, sweet, and healthy little girls.

We should be moving in soon, and in the midst of trying to unpack, finish house projects,  care for 3 girls (one of which is a newborn), plan a 4 year old birthday party (how is K almost 4?), and continue with normal life--- I will attempt to catch up on blogging, because I love to document our little life and it makes me sad that there is a huge gapping hole on here right now.

But for now, my heart is rich in thanksgiving to the LORD.  HE is so good all the time--- all the time, HE is good.

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