Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Sweet "Old" Home

So in the midst of buying a house, we also had to say goodbye to the house that we lived in for almost 4 years.  We were not planning on renting so long, but I feel like it really was all in God's timing.  Although this house isn't anything "fancy," it was where we hung our hat for almost 4 years.  It was where we brought Sawyer home to, where Kennedie & Sawyer had so many "firsts,"and where we found out we were expecting Preslee.  We have many fond memories there, and we left some amazing neighbors that I know will be forever friends.  Again, it's not fancy, but it was home for a short time.  I want to remember this place that we called home:

Front of house
Front door, entry, kitchen
We were in the middle of revamping it... pay no attention to the lack of decor


Coffee bar
Living room
Living Room
Guest bath

Master bath 
Kennedie & Sawyer's room
It's kinda fun to look at the old house, because I get so excited about our new one.  Along with our new house we are adopting a new style.  Almost everything we own/ed we've had since we got married (almost 10 years ago), so it's fun to start the process of changing it all up.  Styles come and go, and for us we are ready to say "hello" to some new energy as far as decor goes.  Either way, dated style or in-- or no style, we truly feel blessed.  God has given us so much more than we deserve and I just pray that we can be generous to others the way that He has been generous to us.

So, adios old house, and old style, but I refuse to say goodbye to our memories made there or our neighbors friends.

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