Monday, May 19, 2014

Remodel Day One

So, you don't get to see the "after" pictures yet, but you do get to see the pictures from after day one of starting the remodeling process.  {Simply because those are the next pictures in the line up in iPhoto.}
Wall paper off & carpet removed:

More wallpaper gone:

More carpet gone:

The pile up beginning:

Wallpaper gone, fir down above the cabinets gone, bottom cabinets removed on right to work on plumbing to move refrigerator hook-up:

Appliances gone, & counters gone:

It's pretty crazy how "fast" it seems like it's going to go those first few days because it's all stuff you can "see."  Electrical, plumbing, taping, etc... are things that are definitely needed & yet you can't really "see" any differences.

So there you have it.  My hard working hubby (and some incredible friends who lent a hand) accomplishments after day one. 

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