Thursday, May 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We were still living at my parents' house during Easter which kinda worked out great since we are normally rushing over there anyways for Easter lunch.  This time we just went "home" and were able to celebrate.  

Some pictures of the grands with the girls:

First off, Mom takes pictures for us each year downtown, and of course we let her snag one with the girls

Cowboy & Bee

Love the back of their dresses

Momma Jean & Poppa (my dad's parents)
After a yummy lunch we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt.  It was so cute!  Sawyer was on a mission this year.  She watched Kennedie hunt eggs at school and knew exactly what to do.  She wanted that candy!

The girls had the most fun with Lantz there.  With him spending every spare second working on our house, it was great to just hang out with him & enjoy the holiday.  

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