Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Before" House Pictures

I am so excited about our "new" house!  When we were looking for a house to buy, we knew we wanted a home that had at least one mature tree on it & one that needed a little TLC that we could kinda "mold and shape" to make our own.  We have been keeping up with real estate for several years now, and daily checking out the new houses on the market.  We felt pretty confident about what we wanted to buy.  We really like older wooden homes with front porches, but we really couldn't afford one of those & most are two story (we wanted one) & most would require much more upkeep and TLC than we could afford.  Another style home Lantz and I both really love are the 1960-1980's ranch style homes, and that is exactly what we ended up buying- a 1983 ranch style home with a mature tree in the front & one in the back.

We almost didn't even go see this house.  When it came across a real estate page I pretty much dismissed it because it was smaller than our desired square footage & being pregnant with a third little girl I sure wasn't thinking about down sizing.  BUT, after Lantz's insistence on us going to see the property we both fell in love with it.  It was definitely laid out great & felt much bigger than 1750 square feet.  

We got to meet the sweet widow that lived in the house & I think that sealed the deal for us.  She met our girls & they "clicked."  With multiple offers on the table after just 2 days on the market we were super excited when she accepted ours!  

Let's just say it was a diamond in the rough.  It had great bones & we could for sure see the potential. We immediately started dreaming & designing as we walked through the house.  

Here are way too many than you probably care to see some "before" pictures:

Front of house:
Front of house

Here are some of the back yard.... one of the reasons we fell in love with the place-- more space than our other house, a huge tree, and a great back patio: 

Entry way:

Dining room:

The view when you walk through the front door, the living room:

The rest of the living room:

The best part {sarcasm}, the kitchen:

Are you seeing all the potential yet, or do you just think we're crazy?

Laundry room:

Bedroom #1:

Bedroom #2 & closet:

Guest/girls bath:

Hall leading to bedrooms:

Master bedroom:

Master bath/closet (there are two sinks identical & 2 closets identical- one on each side of the bath/shower/potty):

So, there you have it.... the whole popcorn ceiling, wall paper, wood paneling house.  I can't wait to show you what all we (and when I say "we" I mean 100% Lantz & other help) have done with it.  It's crazy to look at these pictures because it's SO different now-- it's hard to remember it like this.  But, because of my OCD of wanting to blog in order, you'll have to wait a little while on the "after." 


  1. I can see the potential, and can't wait to see what you guys do with it! Ummm.... I get your OCD needs, but we need to see some pictures of the new baby! I'm dying! ;)

  2. Oh I love it!!! You are going to make that look adorable!!! I love going into old houses and visualizing what all can be done to it! I can't wait to see more pics!

  3. I'm loving the house even in its bare-bones state. The exterior looks amazing, especially that pathway going to the yard. That is akin to a canvass waiting for its masterpiece. That's a great acquisition for you and your family and I hope you'll fill it with lots of fun memories! Cheers!

    Blair Berdusco @ CrebNow