Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4th Remodel Post

So, here we are with a few more pictures of the progress that we {and again when I say we, I mean I did nothing} made on the house.

I found a picture of the guest bath that I forgot to include in post 2.  You can see how the fir down came off from above the shower & all the wallpaper got ripped off, and how the wall is ready to be textured:

Okay, let's talk floors shall we?

In order to tell you about the floors we have to back up to February.  That's right, February.  We decided that we wanted to put down reclaimed hardwood floors.  Hardwood floors in general are pretty pricey, and we wanted something that was legit wood and so we started doing some shopping around.  We went to Orr Reed's in Dallas (super cool with tons of different things - doors, windows, light fixtures, floors, .... that have all been ripped out of old houses) to check out their stuff and we kinda fell in love with some old wood that had a little character.  It was out of our budget though, but it's kinda crazy how things all fell into place.

Lantz's parents have been renovating a 1906 Victorian farmhouse for like the last 20 years.  They have been going to old houses & barns and ripping out wood to use for their home.  They always get wind of old houses and barns that need to be demoed and they happened to know of a place.  So, Lantz headed to the other side of Weatherford to rip wood off of an old house.

So this house right here......

as ugly as it may appear it held a gem... our future floors.  We originally thought we'd use the wide plank boards under the house siding, but there ended up not being enough....

So Lantz got the floors out and loaded them up....

He had to make a second trip back out there because he didn't get it all the first time.... The picture below shows our floor on the right....

Side note the picture above shows some wood on the left that Lantz is going to make our new table from. We had to sell our old HUGE farmhouse table that he made me two years ago because it was was too large for the space.  Super sad to have had to part with it, but excited to see the new one he'll make.

Back to the floors.

Lantz injured himself with a crowbar while getting our wood....

Eventually he had to get more wood from another house in Graham, but we don't have pictures from that.

So all of our wood is from 80-100 year old houses.  Lantz had to pull it out, bring it back to McKinney, pull all the nails, clean ALL the wood's tongue and groove with a wire brush, and clean cut the end of the boards.

Then they were ready to be installed.


They had to lay plywood down on the floor first, and then they were ready to be installed.

We were super blessed that my dad used to lay hard wood floors when he was younger and so he knew exactly what to do, and helped Lantz lay them.

Here they go:

The pictures below you can see the floor how awesome it's starting to look (you can also see the primer went up in the living room on the panels, the dining room has paint, we got our granite installed, my farmhouse sink in, & the cabinets painted).

Bedrooms got painted too:

It's coming together..... you'll have to stay tuned to see the floors all stained and looking pretty!

Did I mention that we got the wood for FREE?  Yep, that's right, FREE... well not free of time, but free meaning no money.  SUPER HUGE blessing!

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