Wednesday, May 21, 2014

39 Weeks

Here I am 39 weeks pregnant with Miss Preslee Ray:

At this point in time I just remember feeling sheer excitement about meeting my sweet 3rd little girl.  I found out that she hadn't flipped back around so I was set for a vaginal delivery.  I also learned that I wasn't going to be moving into my house until after she arrived- which didn't bother me at this point. I was just grateful to have my girls & my hubby & my awesome parents for letting us stay at their house & not mind us bringing a newborn to live with them for a week or so.  :) 

I was just trying my hardest to soak in every little kick since it was my last week to be pregnant ever (unless God has other plans for our family).  It's weird to look at this picture because it seems so long ago even though it's just a little over a month ago.  I just remember praying lots of prayers of thanksgiving and praying for Preslee's safe arrival.  

Soon you'll get to read all about our amazing little angel! We love her so much!! 

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