Saturday, March 8, 2014

Valentines 2014

This year Valentines was a little more exciting than in the past.  Kennedie got to have her first Valentines exchange with the kids in her class at pre-school.  She was so excited to help me put together the little "Love Bug" Valentines with gummy bears for her friends.

Lantz and I decided several years ago that we would do a family Valentines gift.  We decided that we would put together a family photo book on Shutterfly each year to commemorate the previous year.  It has been a HUGE success for our family.  I can't tell you how many times my girls ask to get the books down to look at them.  They love reminiscing & pointing out previous memories.  It's so fun to walk down memory lane with them.  If you'd like to see this year's book you can click HERE.  After it pulls up just click on "View Book" to see the whole thing.  If you follow my blog, then most of it will all be familiar to you.

Lantz had another surprise in store this year for the girls.  He decided that he wanted to start a tradition of getting them each a bottle of nail polish for Valentines.  He went to the store, picked the color, and wrapped them all by himself.  I personally think it's an awesome tradition to start... especially since Lantz is more or less the "official" nail polisher in our family.  He paints the girls fingers and toes all the time.... it's so sweet.  Have I mentioned what an amazing dad he is? (Sorry I forgot to take pictures... we were in birthday party mode!)


  1. I am sure you are busy, but do you time to put together a photo book for my family? I am not creative at all & I tried to do it one time & I didn't have the time or the patience :( But I have 2 books that my sister put together & I love them! I actually have a couple of coupons to shutterfly that I can make a free book but they expire this month. My sister is too busy to make them (since they just moved) but I could download the pictures for you & give you my username & password so all you would have to do is log in & create the book. If you are interested, let me know & maybe we can work out a payment plan! If not, that's ok - just thought I would try since I saw your post today!

    1. Shay, I normally would be totally on board with doing one for you, but life is too crazy right now for me to make that commitment. We just bought a house and are trying to get some remodeling done before the baby gets here in April. Thanks for asking though!