Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kennedie's Big Date

Early in February some sweet friends at church gave Lantz and Kennedie tickets to the Father Daughter dinner & dance at the community center.  I'm not going to lie... Kennedie was SO excited about it!  She talked about it for days before hand & couldn't wait to go out on the town just her & Daddy.  

We decided we'd curl her hair for her big date (since it went so well at play time- see previous post), put on lip gloss, and wear one of her favorite dresses.  It was so cute!  

Here are a few pictures before they headed out on their big date:

Showing off her lip gloss.

Do you think she is excited??

Lantz said they had a great time!  They ate & danced the night away.  Kennedie was so excited to tell me all about it.  It was so sweet.  As soon as Kennedie was done telling me all about their fun time,  I found Lantz's phone and rummaged through all the pictures and videos from the night.... it's true... they had a great time! 

I love my husband for numerous reasons... too many to even count.  He is incredible.  But, I especially love him because of the way he loves our girls.  They are blessed with an amazing dad and for that I will forever be so grateful to God my Father. 

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  1. Yes your girls are blessed with a very special daddy and their mommy is blessed with a wonderful husband. But lantz is lucky too that y'all's paths crossed at the perfect time in your lives and together you are building a wonderful family and a blessed life together. Love you both