Thursday, March 6, 2014

Girly Girls

My girls are pretty girly.  They have their moments of playing in the dirt & going on adventures, but I can honestly say that they do enjoy the more "girly" things of life.  They love to pretend they are little Mommies and play with their babies; they love to play dress up; they love to pretend to put on make- up; they love to play with their dress-up dolls, they love princesses, and they love pink & purple.  The girls especially love it when Daddy paints their toenails & fingernails (which he does more often than Mommy).  Sawyer will pat her head and say "Bow? Bow?" before we leave the house, because she wants to make sure she has a bow in her hair first.  Kennedie loves shoes and is very passionate about picking out the ones she wants to wear each day.

So all in all my girls are exactly that... girls.

About a month ago on a cold day when we were just hanging out at the house Kennedie decided that she wanted me to curl her hair.  She has seen me curl mine & has asked frequently for me to do it, but it's normally when we are trying to run out the door and there isn't much time.  Well, since it was cold and we were all cooped up I decided I go ahead and amuse her.  To my amazement she stood perfectly still the whole time.  When I was all done, of course Sawyer pointed to  her hair and grunted... she wanted hers done too.  So, again to my amazement.. my almost two year old at the time stood perfectly still while I curled her hair.

The girls loved getting their hair done and couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home.  As precious as it all was, I'm not so sure I liked it.... they looked WAY too big.  Here are some pictures of my sweet little girly-girls:

See... I told you... way too big.

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  1. Oh my goodness so precious. Looks they were ready for a wedding. Beautiful girls. Love it